Troubling Line of the Night



Hillary Clinton told her supporters last night: “One of us is ready to be commander-in-chief in a dangerous world.” Setting up the “dangerous world” frame is right out of the Frank Luntz playbook. I’d link to his writings on national security but I can’t seem to find them online — I only have hard copies….

Congrats to Josh Marshall: TPM Wins Polk Award



Joshua Micah Marshall and his Talking Points Memo franchise have just won a prestigious Polk Award. This is a key development in recognition of blogging. The judges sited specifically Josh and his team’s work in connecting the dots in the patterned firing of US attorneys. Josh is a co-parent of The Washington Note.

McCain Wins Wisconsin



But John McCain acknowledges that he admires Governor Huckabee very much. . . I don’t buy the rumors that McCain promised Florida Governor Charlie Crist the Vice Presidential slot. If he did, Dems should rejoice. It’s not as much of a utility-maximizing move as taking Huckabee on board. But who knows. . .

Open Thread: And the View On Your Journey


Paul Squassoni took this amazing shot during his recent trip to Sydney, Australia. I just had to get it up here. I like that folks are sending pics in that move “us” one way or another. I totally stole this “view from your window” concept from Andrew Sullivan (with his blessing).