The Cuba Embargo Does Not Give US Leverage — It Harms American Interests



Later in the day, I plan to grade the various public statements from leading American politicians below. But one criteria I will use is whether they evince any humility at all about the fact that America’s many decades old embargo failed to alter the political path of the Cuban government.

Planning for a Post-Fidel Cuba



The New America Foundation/US-Cuba 21st Century Policy Initiative just hosted this high octane media conference call that included more than 50 journalists and featured the following commentators: Representative Jim McGovern (D-MA-03), US House of Representatives Col. Lawrence B.

Tokyo Strategic Session: An ASEAN Regional Forum Model for Middle East?



I’m working on some writing this morning at the Hotel Okura in Tokyo — where I stayed the last time I came over when accompanying George Soros on a trip to kick the tires of the health of Japan’s civil society.