Carter & Tutu on Israel/Palestine


tutu carter.jpgGood article today in USA Today by Desmond Tutu and former US President Jimmy Carter, on behalf of The Elders who recently wrote about this same subject.
Key lines for me were these:

We urge a renewed effort, firmly based in international law and respect for human rights that first aims to define boundaries between Israel and a new Palestinian state and address security issues. Without such focus, we will see the possibility of a two-state solution slipping even further away.
This approach sets challenges for Israelis and Palestinians, for their regional neighbors, for the international community — especially the U.S. government — and for each of us as concerned global citizens.
Applying international law and human rights principles means that the occupation must end, and the focus of negotiations should be on the boundaries of a future Palestinian state based on 1967 borders,with its capital in East Jerusalem. Such an accord could entail, if agreed, a one-to-one land swap to allow for minor adjustments. Initial negotiations should also aim at security arrangements in which both Israelis and Palestinians have confidence.

Defining the boundaries of Israel and Palestine solves much. There is a growing consensus that a borders/security portal back into peace talks is the only plank left to walk.
— Steve Clemons


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