The Vaccination Imperative



Dr. Leana Wen, former Baltimore Health Commissioner, nails what must happen immediately on the COVID vaccination front. Read her no nonsense Washington Post oped, but the gist is: Use It or Lose It. Wen argues that the Feds should give states and local governments guidance on getting vaccinations into people’s arms.

Auchincloss on Testing and Schools

Auchincloss Calls for More Testing to Get Schools Open -- But More than that Needed


Newly elected and sworn in (today) U.S. House of Representatives Member Jake Auchincloss (D-MA) penned this oped in today’s Boston Globe calling for massive expansion of COVID testing to get schools reopened, but his proposal needs some other legs to stand on.

Fauci Sees Light at End of Tunnel


Happy New Year! Cliches can set in fast, but the declaration that everyone is glad to be done with 2020 is one with which I wholeheartedly agree. It’s hard to imagine 2021 being worse, so let’s toast the law of averages that eventually things must improve.

A Coronavirus Economic Plan That Doesn’t Forget People


My friend and fellow TWN Notetaker Richard Vague has recently been appointed by Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf to be Pennsylvania’s Secretary of Banking and Securities. Vague recently wrote this letter to a US Senator on what would be needed to deal with the economic shock of the cororavirus crisis.

Will the Coronavirus Go Global?


Six days ago, I moderated a smart and informed conversation on Al Jazeera English’s The Bottom Line on what we knew (then) about the novel coronavirus. We are about six hundred further deaths and many thousands more reported official infections since what was the case then.

Donald Tariff Trump?


I don’t know if President Trump has ever said “Tariffs are my middle name,” but he might as well have said it. Up until mid-October 2019, President Trump has tweeted the word ‘tariff’ 177 times. Remarkably consistent on the trade and anti-trade front.

Military Families Do Not Take Pride in Eddie Gallagher Stories



I have to hand it to the organizers of the Halifax International Security Forum. They have an impeccable sense of managing timing and speakers in such a way that a controversy almost always pops during their annual conference of lobsters and defense chat. This year, US Navy Secretary Richard V. Spencer.

Thanksgiving During Civil War


Happy Thanksgiving! During your busy day of family, friends, pets, pumpkin pie and turkey, you might want to read this. From a beautifully written essay on William Seward’s partnership in and Lincoln’s proclamation of a national Thanksgiving Holiday by Ted Widmer, former director of the C.V.

Impeachment Divides Nation


There are a slew of polls measuring what Americans think of the impeachment hearings and of the solvency of President Trump’s guilt or innocence. One poll, highlighted by my colleagues at The Hill, show that the enthusiasm of Independents for impeachment has fallen significantly, that is support for impeachment has slipped 6%.