Impeachment Divides Nation


There are a slew of polls measuring what Americans think of the impeachment hearings and of the solvency of President Trump’s guilt or innocence. One poll, highlighted by my colleagues at The Hill, show that the enthusiasm of Independents for impeachment has fallen significantly, that is support for impeachment has slipped 6%.

America Needs Talent


Last Friday, I participated in a discussion with former Defense Secretary and US Senator Chuck Hagel, Washington Post senior national security correspondent Karen DeYoung, and Wall Street Journal executive Washington editor Gerald Seib on America’s Role in the World and US foreign policy.

Women, Abuse, and Weaponized Rape



Today, I was reading through some of the Witness episodes and write-ups produced by Al Jazeera and ran across Silent War: How Rape Became a Weapon in Syria. One of the brave women willing to share said: They started to rape women at roadblocks, at home in front of their husbands, their children

Jefferson: Yeah, But Still a…Politician


In response to my thoughts yesterday on the uplifting message of ‘respect for political adversaries’ embedded in a recently auctioned letter between then President Thomas Jefferson and founding father John Dickinson, I got a couple of interesting responses that I’ll share here.

Trump Dropped Davos — So Empty Without Me?



To weirdly paraphrase Lloyd Bentsen smacking down Dan Quayle, Donald Trump is no Eminem.  But the latter’s thumping Without Me would appeal to the Donald.  SNL should do a karaoke skit of Alec Baldwin/The Donald singing all those lines, maybe inserting Mueller for Moby.  In Trump’s mind, he is the party; he is the sizz

Doing Davos Again?


During the five days of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, the talented Barry Colson has for years owned the anchor entertainer top spot at Davos’ Hotel Europa where the most highly credentialed multinational CEOs sing, badly but passionately, along with the uncredentialed hoi polloi who want to collect stardust wherever they can go without being…