Impeachment Divides Nation


There are a slew of polls measuring what Americans think of the impeachment hearings and of the solvency of President Trump’s guilt or innocence. One poll, highlighted by my colleagues at The Hill, show that the enthusiasm of Independents for impeachment has fallen significantly, that is support for impeachment has slipped 6%. When a nation is split 50-50 on nearly everything, movement of even a few points is an earthquake.

There are many other polls showing that partisans have become more partisan and dug in in their views on Trump. Speaking to this, Newsweek contributor and One America News Network commentator Peter Roff told me, “the Trump parts of the country are getting ‘Trumpier,’ and the parts that don’t like the President are getting more intense in their dislike of the President.”

And then Reuters/Ipsos released findings that net support for impeachment has grown since the hearings began. Net support levels are the product of subtracting the percentage of those who oppose impeachment from those who support it. On November 13th, that net support number was 3%. After the first week, that figure went to 4%. Then to 5% after week 2. The latest net support figure is 7%.

These slim slices of support of, apathy about, and opposition to impeachment can move the tilt dramatically in a nation that is fundamentally and deeply divided.

In a new show that I am hosting for Al Jazeera English called The Bottom Line (available on YouTube and on the Al Jazeera English website) and appearing four times during the week but airing first at 7:30pm EST on Tuesday evenings, I explored public attitudes toward the impeachment hearings.

In addition to Peter Roff, I had never-Trump Republican Rina Shaw and TIME Contributor and MemoryWell CEO Jay Newton-Small on the show. I hope you find of interest. Feel free to share your thoughts and reactions.

— Steve Clemons


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