Reince Needs to Rein in the Nastiness


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Democratic National Committee chairs may have been just as disrespectful and nasty to GOP presidents and they would have been wrong, but RNC Chair Reince Priebus’ nastiness ‘before’ the President’s State of the Union irresponsibly exacerbates the political intolerance and lack of civility rampant in Washington today.

In a line of tweets tagged #SOTUinthreewords, Preibus offered one that says “Same Old Lies.” He has not heard the speech but is already, preemptively calling the President a liar.

Out of line — and bad example for young Republicans, Independents, and Dems. It would have been wrong for Democrats to do that before a State of the Union by either President George W. Bush, his father, or Ronald Reagan — but even worse when a party’s chair does it.

In two other similarly tagged tweets, Priebus writes “Nothing New Here” and “I’m Above Congress.”

If I were him, I’d wait to nail the President until the actual speech is given — but that said, the tone of these others is far better than “same old lies.”

Flaming up nastiness which is already too prevalent is something party leaders like Reince Priebus should resist and work to counter.


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