Some Humor: He’s Barack Obama and He’s Come to Save the Day!


This hilarious video by Jibjab called “He’s Barack Obama” debuted in front of President Obama last night at the annual black tie Radio and Television Correspondents Dinner.
Here are the lyrics:

When darkness had descended all across the land
A lone voice in the distance uttered Yes! We Can!
He gave good speeches. Never Sweat.
He was real good at the Internets.
He’s Barack Obama
He’s come to save the day!
He passed a major stimulus for the bourgeois.
Then said he’d half the deficit — He He! Ha Ha!
2 obama-superman.jpgStop unemployment! Market Dives!
Fix healthcare in his spare time!
He’s Barack Obama
He’s come to save the day!
He’ll use his superpowers to win in Iraq.
Then Kung Fu Chop the Taliban — Ka-Chow! Ka-Cha!
Our image in the world he’ll mend
Then make the Jews and Arabs friends
He’s Barack Obama
He’s come to save the day!
Sir….We’ve got a situation. . .
Pirates! Boom. . .Thud. . .Splat
He’ll spend the dough! Write the checks! Disregard the mounting debt!
Stop the globe from getting warm! Fuel your car with nuts and corn!
Leap a building! Run Industry! Save a kitten from a tree!
Fix the schools! Go to Space! Punch a robot in the face!
Stop a train! Wrestle bears! Smoke a butt! We don’t care —
Cuz You’re Barack Obama
You’ve come to save the day!
So just snap your fingers and fix the USA!

Seriously though, a mystery was solved last night when Barack Obama was asked on stage whether the pic of him standing in front of Superman was real or doctored. He said, “real.”
— Steve Clemons


9 comments on “Some Humor: He’s Barack Obama and He’s Come to Save the Day!

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  2. bangzoom14 says:

    So the U.S. Congress gets involved by taking that silly non binding vote. And the neocons want Obama to stand up and condemn the Iranian leaders. What the heck is going on here? Oh yeah, I always seem to forget. The world had elected us to be the supreme leader.. the top banana.. the guiding light. Get real. Because of the supreme first class mess that bushcheneyinc left us, we now have to tread very carelfully not to do any more damage in the world in our quest to help. Bushcheneyinc should now just reamin quiet. We heard enough of their garbage for eight very long years. Everything is time and place. Right now, Obama is doing the right thing as far as Iran goes.


  3. Alison Avigayil Ramer says:

    It seems that this video has made its way around the globe. Tonight the Channel 10 News in Israel opened with this video. Even though the Israeli public is divided when it comes to Obama, over here in the dark Netanyahu quarters I can continue to stay hopeful that someday Israelis and Palestinians will have their own Obama to root for. In the meantime, I’m glad to see the the Israeli media is continuing to treat him so favorably.
    Alison Avigayil
    Tel Aviv, Israel


  4. Alison Avigayil Ramer says:

    It seems that this video has made its way around the globe. Tonight the Channel 10 News in Israel opened with this video. Even though the Israeli public is divided when it comes to Obama, over hear in the dark Netanyahu quarters I can continue to stay hopeful that someday Israelis and Palestinians will have their own Obama to root for. In the meantime, I’m glad to see the the Israeli media is continuing to treat him so favorably.
    Alison Avigayil
    Tel Aviv, Israel


  5. pauline says:

    Hey,…,there’s more —
    New Rules Bill Maher June 19, 2009


  6. ... says:

    thanks pauline… that was fun and a fairly accurate portrayal of obama… i found obama’s cairo speech quite good, and his approach towards ending the israel settlements a refreshing twist.. outside that, i am not so sure there is a lot to go on…


  7. pauline says:

    I posted this elsewhere on TWN, but it’s biting satire/humor where the truth hurts.
    Bill Maher Takes On President Obama


  8. ... says:

    yes, i bet those iranians were wishing bush was back in power, so they could benefit from his wisdom in attacking iraq, by doing the same in iran… yes, and all those iraqis can’t stop greeting americans with flowers and gifts…. i happen to like obama’s humour a lot more then what you have offered here today wigwag…


  9. WigWag says:

    It’s funny how fast perceptions can change. Reports at the Daily Dish, Huffington Post and elsewhere suggest that the question on the lips of the demonstrators being beaten and killed is “where are the Americans;” why is “Obama silent?” “Doesn’t the world care?”
    While most of us are relieved that Obama’s in charge, not the emotional and unreliable McCain, I can’t help but wonder how many Iranians wish George W. Bush was President of the United States tonight.
    Just a few short months ago Bush was the most unpopular political leader the Muslim world could contemplate. How long will it be before Iranians (and Muslims in other nations watching their co-religionists being beaten and brutalized) come to view Obama’s tepid support with the same contempt that they viewed Bush’s lectures?
    After they bury their dead and set their broken bones how many of the Iranian young people who were out in the streets will forget that when he advocated “change you can believe in” Obama wasn’t referring to them?
    Is it possible that despite his stupidity, lack of intellectual rigor and poor judgment that Bush was on to something that Obama doesn’t get?
    My guess is that in the fullness of time, after the wounds heal, the Iranians are going to be very angry at those in the West who supported the regime because they saw it as a foil to the West in general and Israel in particular. How long will it be before they realize that these people never cared about Iranians at all; that all they cared about was the role Iran could play in their bizarre crusade?
    Their anger will be well justified.
    The two unhappiest people in the world tonight (other than the Iranians themselves) must be Hassan Nasrallah and Khalid Meshaal. The happiest must be George W. Bush.
    After all, what’s sweeter than being able to say, “I told you so?”


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