Donald Tariff Trump?


I don’t know if President Trump has ever said “Tariffs are my middle name,” but he might as well have said it. Up until mid-October 2019, President Trump has tweeted the word ‘tariff’ 177 times. Remarkably consistent on the trade and anti-trade front.

In this edition of “The Bottom Line,” a weekly show I host on Al Jazeera English, I discuss trade politics, the USMCA (successor to NAFTA), China, Germany, Mexico, and more with former US Trade Representative Ambassador Carla Hills, Economic Policy Institute President Thea Lee, and former UnderSecretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Director of the George W. Bush Institute James Glassman.

It’s an outstanding discussion, and debate, of just 20 minutes, and no one is happy with the status quo.

Hope you find of interest.

— Steve Clemons


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