Wait Til America Gets to Know JILL BIDEN


I had the opportunity a few years ago to enjoy a rolling set of events with Senator Joe Biden, Wes Clark and other national notables.
My partner was with me and normally hates these kinds of things. But he bonded with Jill Biden. They are both educators — Jill in Delaware and my partner in Maryland.
It was such a pleasure getting to know folks without the pressure of deadlines and press frenzies and the need to maintain a certain “posture.” Joe Biden was awesome. . .and his wife Jill was even more impressive, for reasons I’ll share more down the road.
But we all had some pics together — and the next time I saw Joe Biden, he walked up to me at the Capital Hilton and stuffed some photos of us together in my pocket. “These are from Jill to Andrew,” he said. Biden and I agree a lot on policy issues, but we also disagree here and there.
But on the personal front — he had me hooked.
WAIT, strike that. She had me hooked.
I can’t wait til America gets to know Jill Biden. As down to earth and serious about education as they come. She’s a working mom like many others around the country.
Joe Biden is going to be Obama’s vice presidential running mate.
— Steve Clemons


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