Joe Biden Gets Call (Maybe. . .) and Yells: “WHERE IS BLINKEN?”


antony blinken.jpgFrom my point of view, Senator Joe Biden is an inspiring, experienced, over-the-top smart, fast-running boss who is a handful. He wrestles with ideas. He wrestles with his team. They knock him back. He knocks them back. He gives great zinger speeches and occasionally zinger gaffes. And they all laugh it off and move forward.
Risk averse politicians and risk averse staff are under-performers in Washington. Biden and his team work hard on solutions — and they take risks. Some times they belly-flop, and that is the kind of political hand we need to see in the Vice President’s office and close to the next President of the United States at such a historically pivotal time for the nation.
Biden has a few people he’s had around forever and some new additions to his insider crowd. Three of the best — though there are more I won’t mention — are Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chief of Staff Antony Blinken, Senate Foreign Relations General Counsel Brian McKeon, and Senate Office Chief of Staff and former Biden presidential campaign director Luis Navarro.
Working Mother magazine — the journal of record for juggling moms — just commended Joe Biden and his staff with its “Best of Congress Award”. And along with Biden’s “family friendly” disposition with his office staff, he said “get out of here” to Foreign Relations Committee Chief of Staff Tony Blinken who went off to Hawaii to vacation with his family.
Blinken enjoyed the surf and sun for about two days — and then guess what, he’s back in D.C. I know that he would not be thrilled by my reporting this.
And some in the Foreign Relations Committee office in the Senate have said that I should not read anything in to his being back in Washington.
Right. . .
Something is up — and it’s very good.
The next thing I need to find out is whether Luis, Tony & Co. are heading to Springfield to show off that two day tan.
— Steve Clemons


7 comments on “Joe Biden Gets Call (Maybe. . .) and Yells: “WHERE IS BLINKEN?”

  1. Mr.Murder says:

    Joe Biden was for the Iraq war before he was for withdrawal on timelenes subject to new information that may have us continue our stay there past 2011/2012.
    There. Now it’s all much more simple.


  2. Judyc says:

    I agree with others that the stickers do not look like something the Obama campaign would design… I think the charter flight looks like something interesting, though.


  3. Steve Clemons says:

    judyc — i hope i’m right too. so much noise out there though — the bumper sticker ap story was weird….best, steve


  4. Dinger says:

    Joe Biden is NOT a veteran, and can’t come close to the
    qualifications that General Wesley Clark has. How anti-climatic can
    you get? Anti-climatic= no help gaining momentum back=a
    November loss for Obama. Claek gice a very broad range of
    EXPERIENCE and CHANGE. he has simply got it ALL!


  5. judyc says:

    I think Biden would be a great choice… and now you’re getting me excited, Steve.
    Hope you’re right about this!


  6. Cheryl Kopp says:

    I appreciate your reporting on this Steve. The last few weeks of
    attacks on Obama have made me hope it is Biden. I would be the
    first to point out Biden’s flaws but he will be a perfect and credible
    bulldog. I thought I knew all there was to know about Joe Biden
    but you’ve provided new insight today.
    I was hoping your reporting regarding Wesley Clark was wrong but
    you stuck your neck out and defended it beautifully.


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