Hillary Clinton’s Future: Senate Majority Leader?



At 9:56 pm Thursday night, Clinton Campaign spokesman Howard Wolfson sent out this statement about Hillary’s concluding, cheer-generating comments at the UT Austin debate: What we saw in the final moments in that debate is why Hillary Clinton is the next President of the United States. Her strength, her life experience, her compassion.

Hillary Seems to Concede; Barack Obama Sizzles



Did I hear Hillary Clinton concede tonight? I think that gesture at the end of the debates, the failure to really go after Barack Obama on a number of fronts, her sitting there with a blank-ish stare for much of the time he got into a high tempo oratory zone indicated to me that she…

America’s Heart of Darkness: Comments on <em>Taxi to the Dark Side</em>



(A shorter (very well edited) version of this article appeared on The Guardian‘s “Comment is Free” website.) Damien Corsetti may be the Ron Kovic of our time. Corsetti is one of the featured commentators in Alex Gibney’s powerful, Oscar-nominated film, Taxi to the Dark Side.