Kerry to Move Soon on Law of the Sea



That most famous and frustrating of oceans treaties looks to be back on the Senate agenda. Again. The momentum is building. Scott Borgeson at the Council on Foreign Relations released a report last week that comprehensively makes the case for U.S. accession to the Law of the Sea Convention.

Quick Hits on Clinton Confirmation Hearings and QFRs


Hillary Clinton did a great job answering questions directly without over-promising in her confirmation hearing and Questions for the Record. Fortunately, she left behind a few clues as to where we’re headed. Clinton’s plan to aggressively pursue U.S. accession to the Law of the Sea Convention, as noted earlier, is wonderful news.

Transition Team Needs to Reach Out to Poznan



As I’m sure the Obama Administration transition team is aware, Poznan, Poland is currently hosting a very important UN-sponsored climate change conference. At stake is nothing less than the next round of emissions reduction commitments (a Kyoto successor) — which Barack Obama has said he wants the U.S. to participate in.

Seen Yesterday On a Handmade Sign in West Philly



Rosa had to sit so Martin could walk, Martin had to walk so Barack could run, Barack had to run so our children can fly. I have little to add. Hopefully, President-elect Obama will select a team that can meet the promise of his inspirational campaign and thoughtful policies.