Candidates Offer Joint Statement on Darfur


According to UVA’s Larry Sabato, quoted in the Save Darfur Coalition’s press release, it’s the most significant joint statement by rival presidential candidates since advisors to FDR and Dewey pronounced the shared resolve of their bosses to defeat the Axis powers in 1944. The statement is here.

Bolton: Israel Should Negotiate With Iran



First, in this National Journal interview, John Bolton slams Barack Obama, arguing that negotiation is not a policy but rather a technique. Yet, most of the interview is dedicated to defending the pre-2006 Bush approach of non-negotiation as policy. Then, Bolton is asked about Israel’s recent decision to negotiate with Syria.

Youth at the UN



As it has done for the past eight years, SustainUS is sending all-star group of young leaders to the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development. Their group blog is here, and it’s well worth a read. I’ve seen enough young people go through this process to be able to predict how this will read.