Iraq Debate Moving to Higher Ground?



I’m assuming most TWN readers have seen this before: Iraq is and will continue to be about 90 percent of the foreign policy conversation in this campaign (still not happy about that). And right now, much of the Iraq debate has revolved around redeployment details: who, how many, how fast, etc.

Matt Yglesias in Book Length


Having attended the launch for Matt Yglesias’s new book on foreign policy on Friday, I might have to break a rule of mine. I might have to read a book whose thesis I fundamentally agree with. I made that rule after reading Jared Diamond’s Collapse a few years ago.

Coal Here vs. Coal Over There



Riddle me this: why is coal “the dirtiest fuel on earth” when Europe burns it but a potential global warming and “energy independence” solution here at home? Elisabeth Rosenthal writes in the New York Times: “At a time when the world’s top climate experts agree that carbon emissions must be rapidly reduced to hold down…