Ocean Industries Unanimously Support the Law of the Sea


In case there was any doubt, every ocean industry — every single one, including telecom, oil and gas, mining, marine manufacturing, shipping, and fishing — supports U.S. accession to the Law of the Sea Convention.
When businesses were invited to testify before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, numerous business groups offered testimony in favor of accession. The only “ocean industry” group that offered opposing testimony was a “company” incorporated in Nevada by treaty opponents that doesn’t actually do any business.
Nonetheless, there are still a few folks out there insisting that ratification would run counter to U.S. economic interests. They obviously are choosing to ignore this letter from business leaders to the President or this one sent earlier to Senators Reid and McConnell.
To believe the Convention will hurt the U.S. economy is to believe that U.S. businesses don’t understand their own bottom lines.
The votes are there. It’s time for Senators Biden and Reid to drag us over the finish line.
–Scott Paul


2 comments on “Ocean Industries Unanimously Support the Law of the Sea

  1. TonyForesta says:



  2. john somer says:

    As a European, it’s simply inconceivable thaat any non-landlocked
    country would refuse to ratify the LOTS covention, unless it chose
    to solve differences by armed force alone. Is the US still mired in
    that mediaeval stage ?


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