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Frank Luntz comments on the thread below regarding his appearance at USUN. And anyone who takes the time to comment on a post concerning him or her deserves some front page attention in my book.

This is Frank Luntz here. Just for the record, I was invited to speak because I have conducted instant response dial sessions at every Democratic and Republican debate over the past year — roughly 40 in all. And I only said yes because it is a non-partisan forum where we would discuss issues and voter attitudes without having to score partisan points.
This has nothing to do with neo-cons, attitudes towards the UN, or John Bolton. It is a briefing for the foreign press about election 08. I plan to highlight Obama’s success and why he is likely to be the next president … unless you all object. So top [sic] whining.

Steve agrees with Luntz, but I stand by my post. And to be clear, I don’t object to Luntz’s decision to participate — he has every right to be heard on this and other matters, and people generally have much to learn from him. It’s the poor judgment of the U.S. Mission to the UN, in particular given the wildly misleading claims he made in 2006 to the UN press corps, that I find objectionable.
— Scott Paul


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  1. Sudhir Afridi says:

    By Sudhir Ahmad Afridi
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  2. David says:

    Frank Luntz is objectionable because he has used Orwell’s “1984” as an instruction manual, not a warning.
    Perfectly put, bz.


  3. bz says:

    Frank Luntz is objectionable because he has used Orwell’s “1984” as an instruction manual, not a warning. Luntz (along with Newt Gingrich) built his career as one of the foremost de facto proponents of Newspeak. He advocates using language not as a tool for communicating honest and accurate information, but to deceive and con people instead. He’s profoundly dishonest and untrustworthy.


  4. PissedOffAmerican says:

    The more I dig on Luntz, the more I discover just what a despicable American he truly is. The man has made a career out of obsfucation, subterfuge, deception, and deflection. There is literally no issue of import that this proffessional propagandist doesn’t have a hand in decieving his fellow Americans.
    I hope, as he reads this, he understands that there are many Americans, like myself, that consider him a traitor, a sell out. He WILL NOT be speaking for a huge number of Americans when he peddles his snake oil to the USUN. For those of us that still believe in what this nation once aspired to be, and have exerted the effort to inform ourselves, Frank Luntz would be held in public disgrace, in lieu of representing us at the UN.
    How can a man like this look his own children, or the children of his neighbors, in the eye?
    The intellectual framework for the technology trap was laid out by GOP strategist Frank Luntz (see below). It then became the cornerstone of U.S. “climate policy,” thanks to President Bush. (See the post “‘Technology, technology, blah, blah, blah’ — Bush climate speech follows Luntz playbook.” Other key “delayers” who have embraced this delaying tactic are Newt Gingrich and Bjorn Lomborg.)
    A bit more on the origins of the technology trap. Conservative message maker Luntz realized that it could be politically dangerous to oppose any action on global warming, even if efforts to obfuscate the climate science were successful. Luntz lays out a clever solution to this conundrum in his 2002 “Straight Talk” memo (PDF) on climate change messaging (a must-read for all concerned citizens):
    “Technology and innovation are the key in arguments on both sides. Global warming alarmists use American superiority in technology and innovation quite effectively in responding to accusations that international agreements such as the Kyoto accord could cost the United States billions. Rather than condemning corporate America the way most environmentalists have done in the past, they attack us for lacking faith in our collective ability to meet any economic challenges presented by environmental changes we make. This should be our argument. We need to emphasize how voluntary innovation and experimentation are preferable to bureaucratic or international intervention and regulation”


  5. PissedOffAmerican says:

    “Whore is the best word I can come up with to describe him. Opportunist would be the second but it doesn’t truly convey the utter disgust I have for this guy and the destruction he helped bring about”
    Luntz? Are you reading? Heres your opportunity to explain to a wide audience why you feel entitled to lie to us, and make a career out of assisting our leaders in lying to us.
    Go ahead, make our day.


  6. Tim O'Connor says:

    Here’s a link to an interview Luntz did with a local radio host here in Phoenix. He would only do a recorded interview so he wouldn’t have to face any questions.
    I happen to be the first caller right after the interview. As I listen again, I remember how stunned I was at the pure mercenary attitude this guy had.
    Whore is the best word I can come up with to describe him. Opportunist would be the second but it doesn’t truly convey the utter disgust I have for this guy and the destruction he helped bring about.
    A side note: Cynthia Black the host of the show has some really great interviews in her archive on issue framing, election integrity and regular interviews with Greg Palast who is always a great guest. (I have no relation to the show I’m just a fan)


  7. Paul Norheim says:

    “you are a mercenary coward” (Citizen)
    Citizen: do you really believe that your anonymous threats raise
    you one inch above the abyss you`re trying to address?


  8. citizen says:

    You continue to diminish and dismiss the reality that your “work” helped create: tens of thousands of american life and limb on Iraqi soil, 4.5 million homeless iraqi’s, bin laden dancing free in tora bora, yet you smirk indignant, as my sister prepares for her third tour I wonder if washington and Jefferson would hang you from the same gallow as the rest of the traitors you collaborated with…you are a mercanary coward. No different than a nazi collaborator…hope to catch you at one of your famous panels…I have some patriotic love for you….save some smirk for me.


  9. David says:

    Sorry, Frank, but I wasn’t whining. I have neither the time or the inclination for whining. You might want to consider why you even brought up the word. And yes I’ve seen you on a panel on which you sounded rational and grounded, a kind of guy next door. But your political history is pretty well known, and pretty well documented, so unless this was specifically a panel on which a Republican operative who thinks Obama will win and a Democratic operative who thinks McCain will win, the panel is hardly balanced. And it should then be billed as a presentation by political operatives offering insider perspectives. When you operate as a no-holds-barred political operative/consultant, you of all people should expect this reaction, especially from people who pay attention to the political games.


  10. PissedOffAmerican says:

    “According to the June 2004 Washington Post story, Luntz also recommended that “No speech about homeland security or Iraq should begin without a reference to 9/11.””
    Think about it, people.
    He is advocating fear mongering of the most despicable sort.
    He is advising our politicians to capitalize on the DEATHS of every person that died in the WTC.
    He is advocating misleading the American people through the use of insidious implication.
    Luntz, obviously you are reading the commentary here……
    Are you proud of yourself?
    Do you feel entitled to foist such deceptions off on your countrymen?
    Hows it feel knowing that you were instrumental in planting a false premise in the minds of millions of Americans; that your deception was so successful?
    You knew the truth would never fly, didn’t you?
    You KNEW that the invasion of Iraq had to be premised on lies, didn’t you?
    How about you apologize to America, Luntz?
    Then, do us all a favor, and retire.


  11. PissedOffAmerican says:

    It appears, upon perusing Luntz’s career, that he is a major success at creating propaganda, and masking the truth through the prolific use of pure unadulterated bullshit and unabashed subterfuge.
    How fitting, in Bushworld, that he should be chosen to speak before USUN. His recomendation about using 9/11 as a rationale is despicable, and shows the man to be a first rate scumbag.
    A leaked memo by Republican advisor Frank Luntz advised GOP politicians to avoid the words “preemption” and “war in Iraq” when talking about the Bush administration’s pre-emptive war in Iraq. “To do so is to undermine your message from the start,” he advised. “Your efforts are about ‘the principles of prevention and protection’ in the greater ‘War on Terror.'” According to the June 2004 Washington Post story, Luntz also recommended that “No speech about homeland security or Iraq should begin without a reference to 9/11.”


  12. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Fox News Used Planted Actor In Focus Groups
    The credibility of Fox News is pretty much close to zero. It was bad enough that they refused to allow Ron Paul in their NH debate forum, but now they have been caught planting an actor in their supposedly random focus groups. Frank Luntz one of the chief propagandists for Fox News who organizes these focus groups has been caught planting people in focus groups in a clear attempt to distort reality. During tonight’s Fox News GOP debate, Luntz organized a focus group to provide feedback from so called random Republican voters. However, one of the people in the focus group was also used in a previous focus group Luntz organized for the September 5th, 2007 GOP presidential debate. Take a look at the two videos taken from both focus groups and you’ll see that the same guy appears in two supposedly random focus groups.
    Each video from the two focus groups shows the exact same guy. Ask yourself this. What are the odds that a focus group of randomly selected Republicans would include the same person twice? The odds are not very good, and if they wanted to maintain any sort of credibility in the validity of their focus group wouldn’t they ensure that they would have different people in the two focus groups? Clearly, this person was planted by Fox News as part of an effort by Luntz and Fox News to present a distorted reality to the audience. Fox News has no credibility and Luntz should apologize for intentionally presenting distorted focus groups and misleading the general public. It was bad enough that they did not include Dr. Paul in the debates, but to intentionally distort reality with staged focus groups and lie to people about how they selected the people in them warrants an investigation.


  13. PissedOffAmerican says:
    Wednesday, September 1, 2004
    A GOP guide to winning Ohio
    Frank Luntz, who will conduct nationally televised focus groups for MSNBC today and Thursday in Cincinnati, donned his other hat Tuesday at the Ohio breakfast at the Republican National Convention – as a Republican consultant trying to win Ohio for the president.
    • Don’t use the phrase trial lawyers, he told delegates. Use “personal injury lawyer.” Use “lawsuit reform,” rather than “tort reform.” Use “careers” rather than “jobs.”
    “Tort reform is something you serve in a French bakery,” he said.
    • Stress how many taxes an Ohioan pays every day.
    • Men older than 50 hate Hillary Clinton, he said: “She reminds them all of their first wife.”
    • Luntz said the swift boat ads had single-handedly lowered Kerry’s ratings, thanks to a very powerful word: “betrayal.”
    “This is why people are turning against John Kerry in the last 10 days,” he said.
    • Ohio’s undecided voters tend to be 25 to 39, mostly female, mostly white, conservative fiscally but moderate socially. She knows someone who lost a job, or she might be worried she’ll lose hers.
    “If we have to trust our future to anyone, I trust it to Ohio,” he said.


  14. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Don’t wanna trust that ignorant American public with the truth, do we Luntz?
    A group of U.S. political consultants has sent pro-Israel leaders a memo urging them to keep quiet while the Bush administration pursues a possible war with Iraq. The six-page memo was sent by the Israel Project, a group funded by American Jewish organizations and individual donors. Its authors said the main audience was American Jewish leaders, but much of the memo’s language is directed toward Israelis. The memo reflects a concern that involvement by Israel in a U.S.-Iraq confrontation could hurt Israel’s standing in American public opinion and undermine international support for a hard line against Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. . .
    The Iraq memo was issued in the past few weeks and labeled ‘confidential property of the Israel Project,’ which is led by Democratic consultant Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi with help from Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg and Republican pollsters Neil Newhouse and FRANK LUNTZ. Several of the consultants have advised Israeli politicians, and the group aired a pro-Israel ad earlier this year. ‘If your goal is regime change, you must be much more careful with your language because of the potential backlash,’ said the memo, titled ‘Talking About Iraq.’
    “It added: ‘You do not want Americans to believe that the war on Iraq is being waged to protect Israel rather than to protect America.’ In particular, the memo urged Israelis to pipe down about the possibility of Israel responding to an Iraqi attack. ‘Such certainty may be Israeli policy, but asserting it publicly and so overtly will not sit well with a majority of Americans because it suggests a pre-determined outcome rather than a measured approach,’ it said.”


  15. jon says:

    So, Luntz is doing an ad for himself. Terrific. Good luck there.
    Somewhere, I saw a pretty acerbic review of his dial twirling focus
    group, its’ methodology and control features.


  16. linda says:

    just the fact that luntz is involved tells me this is a pointless and utterly unserious event.


  17. Sudhir Afridi says:

    By Sudhir Ahmad Afridi
    The Political administration of Jamrud along with a large number of Khasadar Force raided Shah Noor Market in Wazirdhand Jamrud here on Tuesday. According to official sources the owners of this market were alleged for selling wine openly. The source added that they took a car with a person who had reportedly come for buying wine from that market, but the independent sources present on the scene told that the administration was completing a formality just to avert the imminent attack of Lashker islam which had warned the owners of these markets to stop selling wine and other immoral and contraband items. The official sources claimed that they had taken some bottles of wine in their custody but the people of the area reject this claim of administration. Similarly the official source told that some one dozen shops alleged for selling wine had been sealed during their siege and raid. The owners of the markets also took out arms and threatened the Khasadars to go back otherwise they would resist. After feeling resistance the Khasadars withdrew and left the raid incomplete, told a local source.


  18. JohnH says:

    The whole USUN event is just a waste of time and money. I mean, hasn’t Condi’s State Department realized that everybody can get better information from the internet?


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