Hillary’s Foreign Policy Vision Forgets Israel/Palestine



Hillary Clinton gave a major foreign policy address yesterday that has some great strengths. I disagree with her take on Cuba and find it unfortunate that she can’t move to roughly the same position of managed cooperation and conflict with Cuba that she advocates with China.

Question to Obama and Clinton: Would Anything Be Unacceptable in Having a Muslim as President of the United States?



I more than anyone else I’ve read have spoken out strongly against the Obama campaign’s promulgation of “identity and mystique politics” — that he by his unique upbringing and exposure to different cultures and the like would bring a radically different decision-making calculus to modern American statecraft.

Academy Awards: Betting on “Taxi” and “No End in Sight”



I’m way behind in my movies this year. Been too busy blogging! But I have special interest this year in two films — one directed by Charles Ferguson called No End in Sight — Alex Gibney is one of the executive producers. An incredible documentary on the horrific management of the Iraq occupation.

If No Apology Due to Hillary Clinton, Then at Least Give Tom Daschle a Call. . .



Former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle (D-SD) Blogs are strange beasts on occasion. By noting that I thought that Barack Obama’s “Harry and Louise II” ads were despicable and calling for him to apologize — predictably, I got a number of emails accusing me of bias towards Hillary Clinton.