Tom Toles on Cuba and “us”


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Toles (c) 2008 The Washington Post. Used by permission of Universal Press Syndicate. All rights reserved.
This so completely captures where we as a nation are. Forget about Cuba.
— Steve Clemons


2 comments on “Tom Toles on Cuba and “us”

  1. Steve Clemons says:

    Ben — thanks for the note. I think America’s national security portfolio is in the worst shape that it has been in decades upon decades — worse than after the Vietnam war. There are other images I’d think of than an old man — maybe a reckless, beer-binging alcoholic that can’t balance check books or get it together might be appropriate. But where we stand now — until there is management reorganization — is pretty crappy. So, I stand by Tom Toles’ depiction.
    Good to see you and friends in Berkeley!
    best, steve


  2. Ben Rosengart says:

    I wouldn’t expect that kind of defeatist stuff out of you, Steve. One can acknowledge that the U.S. has serious, difficult problems without casting us, as a nation, as a moribund old man. Not all indicators suggest trouble; far from it. If nothing else, we can at least say that we are more and more a nation of “people” rather than a nation of “men”.


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