McCain Wins Wisconsin


But John McCain acknowledges that he admires Governor Huckabee very much. . .
I don’t buy the rumors that McCain promised Florida Governor Charlie Crist the Vice Presidential slot. If he did, Dems should rejoice. It’s not as much of a utility-maximizing move as taking Huckabee on board.
But who knows. . .maybe McCain has crippled his national campaign with a promise to Crist to win Florida.
Time will tell.
Wait. . .there’s more. I can’t believe that John McCain just criticized Obama for saying he’d bomb an al Qaeda camp in Pakistan when McCain once sang a song about bombing Iran. Now, McCain is pushing all the high fear buttons. He used to be better than this kind of thing.
— Steve Clemons


6 comments on “McCain Wins Wisconsin

  1. texas dem says:

    Fantasy: McCain does not choose Crist. Obama wins BIG in the fall, brings an extra three senate seats on top of the five we’re already supposed to win, and an extra 20 House seats on top of the fifteen we’re already supposed to win.
    First year goes very well. Dems are dominating the country, with high approval ratings. GOP is consumed by infighting between faction that wants to move left and faction that wants to move further right.
    Early spring of 2010, Crist switches parties, is reelected as a Democrat.
    I want this because:
    1) he does seem to be a pretty good guy, with relatively good politics
    2) he’s, ahem, part of the “family”
    3) it’s by far the fastest route to the resurrection of the Dem party in Florida
    4) he’d be one of a very few *ahem* special Democrats who could credibly ascend to high office someday. Senate, AG, maybe VP. He’d be termed out in 2014, and by 2016 I honestly think this country might be able to handle it. On the Democratic side anyway.
    5) and the one thing he has, that Napolitano doesn’t have, is looks. Totally sucks but it’s true. At certain specific levels, it starts to matter. Ask Chris Dodd. Or John Edwards.
    Anyway, that’s a fantasy of mine. Not my dearest one of course, but one. And if the winds are blowing in a STRONGLY Democratic direction, and Crist has any further ambitions, he’d pretty well have to try it. Cause he’s hit the GOP glass ceiling forever.


  2. Robert M. says:

    If you lie fast enough & stridently enough, who’ll notice? Its ALL sound-bytes for the next several months so you lay out your weaving anyway you choose. General public still not paying attention.
    Oh, and she’s toast.
    Revolutionary Change.


  3. Joy says:

    The key words – “used to be”. Says it all.


  4. kim says:

    The big news last night was McCain’s vote totals -55% in Wisconsin and not even 50% in Washington where long-gone Romney got 20%. This from the presumptive nominee.
    It’s a big story – why is no one in the media talking about it?


  5. DesertRat says:

    Now, McCain is pushing all the high fear buttons. He used to be better than this kind of thing.
    Eh. As an Arizonan who has seen him operating on a local stage long before he was a national figure, I’d suggest he’s reverting to type.


  6. susan says:

    Watching McCain give that speech all I could think of was the old “in your guts you know he’s nuts” from the Goldwater campaign.
    I think that he is gonna rival Romney with the depths of his ability to say whatever it takes to get the base on board.


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