Open Thread: And the View On Your Journey


sydney_opera squassoni small.jpg
Paul Squassoni took this amazing shot during his recent trip to Sydney, Australia. I just had to get it up here. I like that folks are sending pics in that move “us” one way or another. I totally stole this “view from your window” concept from Andrew Sullivan (with his blessing). (larger pic version here)
I am about to depart for the airport and want to apologize to the many TWN readers in Tokyo who wanted to meet — about a dozen folks — but particularly TokyoTom and Cameron. I couldn’t make the schedule work and came down with a throat ailment that has me silenced now. I’ve literally lost my voice. I did meet International Affairs Forum journalist Jason Miks — and he can attest to what a problem I was having speaking.
I saw yesterday in the Okura Hotel locker room both Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara and former Prime Minister of Japan Toshiki Kaifu but I decided not to sideline them with questions about competing variants of Japanese nationalism, or China, Iraq, Iran, or how they feel about the US presidential contenders. But I have to say that it’s quite a locker room hangout spot if you want to meet Tokyo’s top brass.
I’m off to Narita. My latest on The Guardian‘s site on how often America misses important historic opportunities to pivot in constructive directions is here and focuses on Castro’s announcement.
More later when I get back to the U.S.A.
— Steve Clemons


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