Obama Carries Wisconsin


There is no doubt that Obama is a juggernaut now. CNN just called the Wisconsin race for him — his 9th win in a row.
I have to rush to the airport so don’t have time to reflect, but it seems to me that Ohio and Texas weren’t enough in themselves to hold Clinton’s camp in place. She had to win Wisconsin, and that seems not to have happened.
My guess is that Obama will carry Hawaii also.
There has to be soul-searching at this point.
Congrats to Barack Obama — but this race is STILL not over.
— Steve Clemons


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  1. Robert M. says:

    Oh, puhleeze. Hagel as veep? And what Democratic paty leader would put up with that? Now if Obama can found a Democratic eqivalent of Hagel, sure but NOT a sitting, Republican senator. Your smoking more than Obama every did!
    She’s toast, burnt now.
    Revolutionary Change.


  2. Lee says:

    Steve, Now that “Obama is a juggernaut,” what do you think of Chuck Hagel as his running mate? Obama specifically praised Hagel in a Newsweek interview for representing “the best tradition in foreign policy.” Obama has strongly hinted that he may want a Republican running mate as a way of attracting Republicans and GOP-leaning independents. Hagel said over a year ago that he would consider running with Obama. If Obama wins Texas and wins or comes close in Ohio, he is probably unstoppable. Could there be a better ticket for a new foreign policy direction than Obama-Hagel! I’d really like to hear your opinion.


  3. JohnH says:

    Time to concede, Steve.


  4. leo says:

    I entirely agree with CTown above.


  5. Robert Morrow says:

    So what is going on down in Texas? I spend every day down here campaigning for Ron Paul and every weekend canvassing, so perhaps I have an idea. Here is what we are hearing “Ron Paul has no chance of winning, I am voting for Obama.”
    In Austin, TX, it is ALL Obama ALL the time. You know those “white male voters” and independents that you hear about all the time? Well they are a torpedo and Hillary is a raft with a magnetic bottom. Texas has an open primary, which means anyone can vote in the Democratic primary, INCLUDING Republicans and, of course, independents. Now that McCain has all but wrapped up the Republican nomination, these voters are thinking, “What should I do with my vote? How can I put it to good use?” And a lot of them are concluding “Hmmmm. How about we stick a fork in Hillary’s political career once and for all. Yummy.”
    It is quite juicy and tempting and I know quite a few “white male voters” including some of my Republican friends who are going to do just that. Not that Hillary has a lot of support with women. I’ve knocked on plenty of doors with starry eyed women for Obama.
    Austin is an anomaly. It is ultra-pro Obama because of the college town demographics. Every prominent local politician who has endorsed is for Obama: the mayor, the state senator, leading state rep, several city council people.
    And you can bet, wherever I go, when I am not promoting Ron Paul, I am spreading venom about the Clintons and Hillary’s role in the FUBAR political deal.
    The bottom line is Obama is going to absolutely dominate Austin by a 2-1 margin. He is going to do extremely well in Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston. Hillary will take him in El Paso, the Valley and maybe get a marginal win in San Antonio, but it will not be enough to carry the day.
    Obama’s future in Texas is so bright he ought to wear shades as the expression goes. As for Hillary who says she wants Texas to be her Alamo … note to Hillary: no one survived the Alamo.
    Sincerely, with much Love,
    Robert Morrow Clinton expert and anti-Hillary activist Austin, TX 512-306-1510


  6. Ajaz Haque says:

    It seems Hillary Clinton’s bid is all but over.


  7. Bill Vroom says:

    Hey, this is a little off topic, but here’s a wonderful Obama site: http://obamawill.com


  8. CTown says:

    Steve, if you were able to see the contrast in speeches by each candidate this evening, you would probably want to reconsider that last sentence. The question now is how much the Clintons come out of this primary season looking like sore losers in the eyes of the electorate. I for one hope they manage to exit gracefully, for the sake of the party and their own future effectiveness.


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