Media Alert: <em>Philadelphia Inquirer</em> Runs <em>TWN</em> Castro Reaction


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It’s about 3 am EST and I’m getting on a plane in 9 minutes here at Narita Airport in Japan. . .finally.
But I’m very pleased that the Philadelphia Inquirer ran my Cuba reactions as an oped today. But scan the papers, there is a lot of informed commentary out there — and really very, very little that thinks that maintaining the status quo makes any sense.
Are the campaigns taking stock of this?
— Steve Clemons


2 comments on “Media Alert: <em>Philadelphia Inquirer</em> Runs <em>TWN</em> Castro Reaction

  1. David N says:

    Steve, congrats on getting you blog blurb on The Huffington Post.
    Though any — any — mention or promotion of Krautheimer gets my dander up. I am on a crusade to ignore these traitors, to the extent that I have canceled my subscription to the WaPo.
    What also gets me is that the Clinton camp is trying to use the Rove strategy — use the opponent’s strength against him. There are two problems. One, it’s a Karl Rove strategy, and therefore morally repugnant. Two, it won’t work because she’s a Democrat and therefore will not get the media to parrot her attacks and cooperate in the lies and vilification. The media only does that for Republicans.


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