Hadley Objects to Deluder-in-Chief



The New York Times offered a strong critique of one of George W. Bush’s exit interviews — and Bush National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley has just issued his protestations. The Times offered this powerful punch: It was skin crawling to hear him tell Mr.

America & The World, Neocons, Sugar Beach, Bin Ladens, Angler & More Make Washington Post Best Books of 2008



This has been a good year for policy books — particularly ones that I think have moved the policy needle in better directions than they have been going. The Washington Post has just published its roster of “Best Books of 2008.

We Need an Explanation on Afghanistan



It is painfully clear that we are not “winning” in Afghanistan, and that we need a new strategy. While President-elect Obama has carefully calibrated and qualified his “timetable” strategy for Iraq, he has unequivocally promised to send more troops and more resources to fight the “good war” in Afghanistan.