Transition Team Needs to Reach Out to Poznan



As I’m sure the Obama Administration transition team is aware, Poznan, Poland is currently hosting a very important UN-sponsored climate change conference. At stake is nothing less than the next round of emissions reduction commitments (a Kyoto successor) — which Barack Obama has said he wants the U.S. to participate in.

<em>Guest Post by Patrick Doherty</em>: Bill Richardson: The Anti-Gutierrez?



I just heard that Matt Cooper commented on MSNBC Live that Secretary of Commerce-designate Bill Richardson is the guy to lead on Cuba. I think Cooper nailed it–the outgoing governor of New Mexico it is a natural fit with an elegant dash of poetic justice rarely found in Washington.

To All Those Waiting for the Obama Team Phone Call



This blog post has not been written by Steven Clemons or any member of The Washington Note team. It is written by someone who really does deserve a very top spot in Obama Land but is sitting pensively waiting for a call while trying to pretend he/she is not. Waiting for the Call. . ….

STREAMING LIVE 6:45 pm: NY Times White House Correspondent Helene Cooper



Helene Cooper is the newly appointed White House correspondent for the New York Times after previously serving as Diplomatic correspondent covering the State Department. Tonight, she will be speaking from 6:45 pm til 8:00 pm EST at an evening program at the New America Foundation on Tuesday, December 2nd.

STREAMING LIVE AT 12:30 pm: Barton Gellman on “The Cheney Vice Presidency”



Today Tuesday, 2 December, from 12:30 pm til 1:45 pm EST, I am hosting Pulitzer-prize winning Washington Post correspondent Barton Gellman on his new book, Angler: The Cheney Vice Presidency, which I reviewed here.

Media Alert: Rachel Maddow and Olbermann’s Countdown



Tonight, a bit after 6 p.m. EST, I will be on Rachel Maddow’s Air America show talking about terrorism in Mumbai as well as Barack Obama’s national security team unveiled today. Then, later this evening, I’ll be chatting about Obama’s big foreign policy hires on Keith Olbermann’s Countdown.