Boyd Gavin’s Weimaraner



Still Life with Dog — Boyd Gavin Artist Boyd Gavin has figured out that I’m seriously into weimaraners. . .and luckily, he’s seriously into painting. Got this note from him this morning. . . Since you are very fond of weimaraners, I thought you would be interested to see my painted rendition of one.

Clinton Foundation Donors



I was notified this morning that the Clinton Foundation had posted on its website its roster of donors. Good luck looking to it and through it — which I did at length in the first few minutes after receiving the email. But ever since, the Clinton Foundation site has been crashing. Tons of traffic.

Co.Nx — Public Diplomacy 2.0 — Chatting with Connections around the World



This morning, I will be doing a web-based exchange with people all over the world about U.S. foreign policy and what may be coming next from an Obama-led America. The site is here, but the Facebook page for this U.S. State Department global chat network titled Co.Nx conveys a bit more about this interesting forum….