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I was notified this morning that the Clinton Foundation had posted on its website its roster of donors.
Good luck looking to it and through it — which I did at length in the first few minutes after receiving the email.
But ever since, the Clinton Foundation site has been crashing. Tons of traffic.
Here is the release from the Foundation:

For Immediate Release
Contact: Clinton Foundation Press Office
December 18, 2008
William J. Clinton Foundation Publishes Names of All Contributors on Foundation Website

Foundation provides the names of all contributors since its inception in 1997
New York – The William J. Clinton Foundation today published its list of all contributors since its inception in 1997, with gratitude for the contributions they have made to sustain the work of the Foundation and its charitable initiatives.
The seven initiatives include: the Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative, the Clinton Global Initiative, the Clinton Climate Initiative, the Clinton Hunter Development Initiative, the Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative, the Clinton Economic Opportunity Initiative, and the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. The Foundation also funded the construction of the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Arkansas, which was turned over to the people and government of the United States in November, 2004.
“I want to personally express my deepest appreciation to our many contributors, who remain steadfast partners in our work to impact the lives of so many around the world in measurable and meaningful ways.” said President Clinton. “We have just begun and it is an honor and privilege to be on this journey alongside each and every person who is committed to our foundation’s ongoing charitable mission.”
The Clinton Foundation has received contributions of all sizes, from people of all means. The median gift amount over the life of the Foundation is $45. Nearly 90% of gifts (179,000 contributors) are valued at $250 or below, with 12,000 individuals contributing $10 or less. In addition, in a sign of the significance of the cause and the effectiveness of the work, a noteworthy 57,000 contributors gave more than once to the Foundation and/or the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund.
All contributions to the Foundation make possible the following charitable work:
~ Help 1.4 million people living with HIV/AIDS get the medicines they need to survive;
~ Secure over 1,200 “Commitments to Action” valued at $46 billion – addressing our most pressing global challenges, including poverty alleviation, climate change, global health, and education – improving more than 200 million lives in 150 countries;
~ Engage the 40 largest cities to take concrete steps in reducing their greenhouse gas emissions;
~ Work with nearly 3,000 schools and more than 1.66 million students to promote healthier educational environments and healthier lifestyles;
~ Enable sustainable economic growth, and develop programs to strengthen child nutrition and expand access to health care in Latin America;
~ Assist the governments in Rwanda and Malawi to strengthen farming, water, and sanitation, and healthcare in areas of most need;
~ Work with President Bush toward rebuild and recover efforts in the Gulf Coast region, through the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina;
~ Help to expand economic opportunity for domestic businesses by increasing access to low-cost financial services and empowering entrepreneurs through business-to-business mentoring.
“We are proud to have involved so many people in our work,” said Bruce Lindsey, CEO, William J. Clinton Foundation. “We are grateful for the support of individuals, businesses, governments and NGOs over the past decade. Their passion and commitment inspires us, and together we will continue to make a real difference in the lives of people around the world.”
The list of contributors is published today on the Foundation’s website,
In addition, the Foundation is separately publishing those individuals and entities whose contributions to the Bush Clinton Katrina Fund were processed through the Clinton Foundation.
As soon as Senator Clinton was nominated to be Secretary of State, the Foundation staff began working with President-elect Obama’s transition team to ensure that not even the appearance of a conflict of interest existed between the Clinton Foundation’s operations and Senator Clinton’s anticipated service as Secretary of State. President Clinton’s efforts are unprecedented and go above and beyond what the law requires and are intended to allow the important work of the Foundation to continue.
About the Clinton Foundation
President Clinton established the William J. Clinton Foundation in 1997 with the mission to strengthen the capacity of people throughout the world to meet the challenges of global interdependence. To advance this mission, the Foundation works with like-minded organizations and forms partnerships with national and local governments around the world to make an immediate and measurable impact in several areas, including bringing HIV/AIDS care and treatment to underserved populations, developing sustainable economic growth in Africa and fighting global climate change. The Clinton Global Initiative brings together a community of leaders to devise and implement innovative solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues. In the United States, the Foundation is working to combat the alarming rise in childhood obesity and is helping to expand economic opportunity for families and individuals. The William J. Clinton Foundation is a global, nongovernmental organization with 1,100 staff and volunteers in more than 40 nations. In 2007, only 2.6% of Clinton Foundation expenses went to management and administrative costs.

— Steve Clemons


10 comments on “Clinton Foundation Donors

  1. Rick Theile says:

    I was watching a past show on Frontline and it was about the beginning of the collapse of our economy. Clinton was a key player by throwing out important regulations controlling banks and other financial institutions and ignoring warnings of a possible economic collapse.
    Clinton is a very likable guy and very persuasive. He is still very influencial and has influence with many very wealthy people.
    Because of his past and the question of integrity which I am not sure if the Clinton’s have any, I have to question his foundation. I wish someone you investigate the foundation for it’s real motives.


  2. C. Hird says:

    The Clinton Foundation has undoubtedly made a tremendous
    difference by lowering the cost of AIDS medicines globally. That
    is where for the most part their value ends. The impact of the
    Foundation’s AIDS work has been seriously questioned. Here are
    some of the reasons why:
    1) Organizations and governments that have partnered with the
    Clinton Foundation in the field cite their focus on achieving
    numbers of patients on treatment at the expense of quality of
    care (adherence) as a major criticism. They have been known
    to try to put as many patients on treatment as possible
    (including children) and disregard the importance of adherence
    and patient follow up, which can and has had a damaging
    impact given the potent nature of antiretroviral treatment. This
    has been cause for some organizations and department of
    health divisions to break their partnership with the Clinton
    2) Their Foundation staff put off local organizations and
    governments with their arrogance and lack of value add. Most of
    their staff are business types who know little about healthcare
    and lack genuine commitment beyond padding their resumes.
    3) A significant amount of all of the money that Bill Clinton–
    who has very little to do with the daily operations of the
    foundation beyond making appearances– raises does not
    actually get channelled into charity work.
    4) The Foundation exploits young people often playing on their
    goodwill to get them to volunteer while more senior staff waste
    money through their globe trotting. The Chairman does not get
    a salary, but he is filthy rich anyway.
    The Gates Foundation and other donors should provide funding
    directly to national governments, NGOs and others instead of
    wasting their money on the questionable activities of the Clinton


  3. antiphone says:

    Don’t forget to watch the confirmation hearings alan.


  4. alan says:

    antiphone: you are wasting your time : everyone in Washington, from the President on down is beholden to money. Just pointing to Clinton is too easy. The people in power today and tomorrow are also getting cash. It is simply too easy to scapegoat Bill; and from the MSM coverage today it looks like pretty sop for ” ho hum and let’s move on.” No one has any indignation left; bankruptcy all around.


  5. antiphone says:

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Bill Clinton’s foundation has received millions of dollars from leading Internet companies that are under pressure over human rights and free speech issues overseas.
    Executives from Microsoft, Yahoo and Google and their companies gave the money to help finance Clinton’s presidential library and charitable efforts.
    They are involved in disputes about business deals in China and elsewhere over dissidents punished for using the companies’ Internet services.
    The financial connection could complicate efforts by Hillary Rodham Clinton to negotiate as secretary of state on behalf of political dissidents overseas.


  6. antiphone says:

    “Kissinger and Bremer?”
    Oh, if you want to know what I think about your comment…yes Kissinger and “Jerry” Bremer have plenty of conflicts of interest but I was commenting on the topic of this post not your comment. For the record, I would also be opposed to appointing Henry or “Jerry” to serve as Secretary of State. How’s that for consistency?


  7. antiphone says:

    “Sadly, that’s not the case.”
    What are you talking about?


  8. rich says:

    And Kissinger and Bremer?
    antiphone, if your position were a question of integrity you’d be consistent across the political spectrum.
    Sadly, that’s not the case.


  9. antiphone says:

    The list of donors and the many examples of selling influence related to it reveal a pattern of exploitation that should remove any doubts that may remain as to the corrupt nature of the Clinton dynasty. Congress should not confirm the appointment of Hillary Clinton as secretary of State. This should not be a partisan issue. It’s a question of integrity.


  10. rich says:

    Here’s a question.
    Henry Kissinger abruptly withdrew from consideration after being named head of the Coalition Provisional Authority because, get this, he’d been asked to reveal his client list. You know, for transparency, and to protect the public good/public welfare by preventing or mitigating conflicts of interest.
    In his place, we got Paul Bremer, variously described as Kissinger’s “right-hand man” at Kissinger Associates, his executive assistant, special assistant, as well as Managing Associate and Chief of Staff at KA.
    Clearly, Paul Bremer was subject to all the same conflicts of interest Henry Kissinger was, and continues to be.
    Kissinger, of course, never said a thing.
    And even though it was clear at the time that Paul Bremer prompted the same concerns for the same reasons, Bremer was never asked to reveal his clients. The MSM didn’t make a peep.
    Since then, of course, it’s been revealed that Henry Kissinger has played a highly influential role as a major but secret ‘informal’ advisor George Bush. Whispering in W’s ear, behind the scenes.
    A little sauce for the gander would be in order.
    It’s just another example of the double standard many of us keep identifying — and many Dem, Rep, and MSM establishment figures keep ignoring.


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