Co.Nx — Public Diplomacy 2.0 — Chatting with Connections around the World


This morning, I will be doing a web-based exchange with people all over the world about U.S. foreign policy and what may be coming next from an Obama-led America.
The site is here, but the Facebook page for this U.S. State Department global chat network titled Co.Nx conveys a bit more about this interesting forum.
My understanding is that folks began posting questions at 8 am EST, and I’ll be answering them from 9:00 til 10:00 am EST.
And for those who want to connect with me on my facebook page, it is here — as is a Washington Note page.
— Steve Clemons


One comment on “Co.Nx — Public Diplomacy 2.0 — Chatting with Connections around the World

  1. Ben Rosengart says:

    I don’t “do” Facebook. Why not? Because it’s a closed system
    under private control — a 21st-century AOL. In my view, much
    of what is good about the internet is directly or indirectly due to
    its openness; “walled gardens” bring risks and costs, both
    obvious and hidden.
    I’m not alone in this thinking. The argument for “net neutrality”
    is founded on similar premises.
    I’m sure you have good reasons for your enthusiasm for
    Facebook, but you should know that there are also good reasons
    to avoid it.
    Just a random-ish tangent.
    On another note, “co.nx” sounds like a domain name, but it isn’t.
    That’s annoying and dumb — poor marketing.


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