Hillary Mann Leverett: America Loses Another Bit of Leverage with Iran



This is a guest post for The Washington Note written by Hillary Mann Leverett, a former State Department and National Security Council official who participated in numerous rounds of secret negotiations with Iran.

RICHARD VAGUE: How to Fix the Economy



This is a guest post for The Washington Note by businessman and regular TWN reader Richard Vague. Vague is the founder of AmericanRespect.com, author of “Terorrism: A Brief for Americans“, and publisher of DelanceyPlace.com. On the eve of the invasion of Iraq, the price of oil was $28 per barrel.

Richard Vague: Throwing More Troops At Afghanistan WRONG Move



A friend and member of my New America Foundation/American Strategy Program Director’s Council, Richard Vague, was profiled this morning in the Philadelphia Inquirer. I will be posting today a guest post by Vague here at The Washington Note, but this morning’s profile by Joseph N. DiStefano deserved special mention.