Frank Gaffney: Regret and Delight at the Necessary Death of Americans. . .



There is a dark truth in the national security establishment. Generals, intelligence directors, national security advisors, and the President prepare themselves to make judgments that may cost American lives. Part of their world involves very tough choices and occasional tragedies.

Fed Makes History: Shoots All Bullets and Lowers Rates to as Little as ZERO



The Federal Reserve Board just reduced the federal funds rate to a range between zero and 1/4 of a point. Unbelievable. The Fed is also moving on a bundle of other fronts to hold this economy together and to try and get loans and financing moving again in the system. We have become Japan. ….

Bill Clinton: Nixon Really Intrigued Me — So Smart, Talented. . .



This is an interesting little clip of Bill Clinton discussing Richard Nixon with Elvis Costello. When I helped organize a major Nixon Center conference in Washington in April 1995, Bill Clinton keynoted the event — and I could sense his admiration of and intrigue about many aspects of former President Richard Nixon.