Mystery Person: Who Did Obama Drop Off a Few Blocks From His House?


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From the Obama watch pool report tonight:

Pool Report — Dec. 17, 2008
On a snowy Chicago night, President-elect Barack Obama left the federal building at 7:30 p.m., about eight hours after he arrived. It was unclear whether his economic meetings lasted the entire time, whether he was conducting other business or whether he was waiting for evening traffic to ease from the biggest snowstorm of the season.
The motorcade navigated the slippery streets to the South Side, taking alternative routes along the way, including Lower Wacker Drive that led to a long service road that ran parallel to the train tracks near Grant Park. We emerged from the winding short-cut near McCormick Place and slowly proceeded to the Obama home on Martin Luther King Drive and other surface streets, all to avoid a clogged Lake Shore Drive.
The president-elect made a brief stop in the Hyde Park-Kenwood neighborhood, dropping off an unidentified person a few blocks from his house. (emphasis added) He arrived at his residence about 8:05 p.m.
With a lid called, your pool bus began the snowbound trek back downtown.
Jeff Zeleny, New York Times

So who is this mystery person?
I am addicted to these pool reports, but I can’t wait until January 20th when we can get on real news.
But seriously, who was it?
— Steve Clemons


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