Obama’s Workouts Are <strike>Inspiring</strike> KILLING Me


Move over Schwarzenegger. Barack Obama works out every day. EVERY DAY. (Damn him!)
I get the pool reports of his comings and goings. A sample of his daily routine going to the gym:

From: Helene Cooper
Sent: Tue Dec 16 09:13:04 2008
Subject: Pool report 1
PE Obama left his hyde park home at 754 for his morning workout at regents park apts gym. Pool is holding at istria cafe enjoying a nutmeg latte and raisin muffin.

and then returning:

From: Helene Cooper
Sent: Tue Dec 16 11:29:20 2008
Subject: Pool 2
PE obama left regents park apts gym at 9:04 am and returned home. At 9:50 his motorcade departed his hyde park home for the 20 minute drive to dodge renaissance academy, where he is to hold a press conference.

His work out discipline has just made me feel terrible about my episodic ventures to any of three Washington, DC gyms to which I belong and rarely go.
I have no idea which U.S. Presidents were in the best shape, but Obama has got to be right up on the very top of the list.
Here is a short roster of the time he has spent at the Regents Club at the Regents Park Luxury Apartments in Chicago — and this is just a small snapshot of a much longer trend:

16 December — 70 minutes
15 December — 71 minutes
14 December — 148 minutes
13 December — 80 minutes
12 December — 76 minutes
11 December — 77 minutes
10 December — 72 minutes
9 December — 78 minutes
8 December — 91 minutes
7 December — 108 minutes
6 December — 94 minutes
5 December — 70 minutes
4 December — 65 minutes
3 December — 86 minutes
and it goes on and on and on. . .

Inspired and irritated by his example, I have started going to the gym every day too — and I can barely walk and move after the aggravation of muscles I forgot I had. . .
But I’m doing it — and I bet many other Americans are going to get the Obama gym bug too.
— Steve Clemons


9 comments on “Obama’s Workouts Are <strike>Inspiring</strike> KILLING Me

  1. workouts says:

    Nice article. keep up the good work.
    Karen Walter


  2. slag says:

    Good on you. Your inspiration inspires my inspiration. Pilates or bust!


  3. questions says:

    I just sat at the piano and “played” Christmas carols for an hour — does that count?!!
    And I have a bike that is stationary (complete with flat tires!)
    Woo hoo! I’m in shape!


  4. DonS says:

    Gotta go with Susan on time allocation, although being fit can of course increase productivity overall. But there are still only 24 hours in a day. Still, who keeps check on the obsessiveness? (I’m reasonably obsessive myself, with moderate exercise, but I don’t have the demands). Maybe he’s building up so he can glide for awhile on accumulated fitness when he hit’s the oval office.


  5. nina says:

    Perhaps there is a little overcompensation on Obama’s part due to smoking guilt?


  6. susan says:

    Bush never let presidentin’ get in the way of his daily run, bike ride,
    or game of computer solitaire. I like the idea that Obama is
    disciplined, but if it comes down to a choice between hitting the
    gym and doing the nation’s business, I hope he goes for the latter.


  7. Steve Clemons says:

    Cato — you can do pull-ups?! I don’t like you anymore… 😉
    best, steve clemons


  8. Cato says:

    Meant to be helpful tip: do what I did and get a stationary bike and a pull-up bar. Then you can exercise at home while you watch TV and save a fortune in gym dues. Trust me, the only way to make exercise easier is to get someone else to do it for you. PS: Barack Obama is one insanely disciplined person, more so than probably 95% of the populace, so don’t feel bad.


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