Three in a Pod


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These three can fix any bad mood.
— Steve Clemons


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  1. Lucy Bonnington says:

    As a longtime Weimaraner parent, I truly enjoy your dog updates. We currently have a “calm” Weim boy, Tully, and a hypervigilant Vizsla, Nina. We got the Vizsla after losing our old Weim about 3 year ago, and thinking a smaller version of the Weim was a good bet. Truth be told, Vizslas are more needy than Weims, and we went back to our favorite breed after that.
    Weims are the best. I love that you are showcasing their domesticity and loving temperment on your blog.
    Keep posting photos of your lovely companions, and thanks for all you do in the political world.


  2. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Personally, I’m into mutts. I find them, if one chooses the right mix, to be healthy without the usual genetic weaknesses of many purebreds, and its hard to match the intelligence of a mix such as an Australian sheperd and Border Collie, such as my current mutt is. (Too smart, actually.)
    But when one gets past the breeding, health and intelligence, one finds a loving sentient being, whether it be a poodle, a mutt, or a mastiff. Its easy to see the this phenomena in Steve’s pictures of his dogs, who exude comfort, security, and contentment in their postures and expressions. They’re lucky to have Steve.


  3. DavidT says:

    I think your dog postings as well as other personal postings are terrific. I enjoyed your comment some time ago that one of your dog postings had been pushed down one level by a guest blogger.
    I also, on a similar personal note, enjoyed your posting re: your marriage. As much as I revile the passage of Prop 8 (which I of course voted against and would be surprised if I know anyone who didn’t do likewise) I had mixed feelings about some of your points. However that you shared the marriage and a few small details of your relationship enhanced your blog by giving us a window into the non-wonk Steve Clemons.
    I hope above all, in spite of Prop 8, that you don’t feel any less married than you did before passage.


  4. Steve Clemons says:

    The pups are extremely well taken care of — and we have great,
    great friends who are part of the family as far as Oakley, Annie and
    Buddy are concerned.


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