Elections 2.0 — Votes for Senate Seats? Wild.



Just after the election, the realization of Governor Palin’s privilege to fulfill Senate vacancies drew gasps from liberal circles. The scenario that played out in the left’s collective fear involved Sarah Palin, who had been banished back to Juneau after losing, appointing herself to Ted Stevens’ seat, should the convicted felon win reelection.

The View on My Walk: Thoughts on Corruption



Last night, I took this picture at the grand plaza at Concorde in Paris. I’m now flying to Chicago, and then to Jacksonville, and then to. . . Soon, it will end. On the trip, I’ve been thinking about how undefined and blunt the word “corruption” is.

We Need a Realist, Empathetic Foreign Policy



While traveling in Turkey last month, it occurred to me that a little empathy would go a long way toward repairing the United States’ relationships with both our traditional allies in Europe and with states such as China, Russia, and Iran with which we have some substantially divergent interests.