Thoughts on Law & an Anarchic Century



Reading Vaclav Havel’s “To The Castle and Back” yesterday, I got wildly distracted, and found myself YouTubing my DC power/intellect crush: the luminous Samantha Power. Havel’s book is a tremendous read — scattered and tangential, but fascinating nonetheless.

EU Emergency Summit


BRUSSELS: While stomping around through Europe on various endeavors, I coincidentally found myself in Belgium today amid an economic summit.

Elections 2.0 — Votes for Senate Seats? Wild.



Just after the election, the realization of Governor Palin’s privilege to fulfill Senate vacancies drew gasps from liberal circles. The scenario that played out in the left’s collective fear involved Sarah Palin, who had been banished back to Juneau after losing, appointing herself to Ted Stevens’ seat, should the convicted felon win reelection.

Six Year Presidential Term Sails Through Kremlin Lower House



Some might recall that Hillary Clinton, who good money suggests will officialy secure the position atop the State Department soon, once remarked that Putin ‘doesn’t have a soul.’ This bridge will will require some maintenance work in early 2009.

Bizarre Media Cycles for Bashar


Bashar al-Assad’s regime finds itself dealing with an interesting mix of press in the lame duck days. Today’s papers report re-established intelligence ties between British and Syrian agencies; they come as British FM David Miliband makes a landmark visit to Damascus, in which he met with President Assad.