100 Years in a Country That Had Nothing to Do with 9/11. . .



Ouch! Barack Obama’s spokesman Bill Burton just sent out a release of his own reaction to John McCain’s war-mongering criticism of Senator Obama that the latter has no experience in national security and warfare. Well, frankly, I’m impressed with Burton on this one.

The World is Watching and Wants More: Clinton-Obama Race Should Go All the Way



Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton struggling against each other for every superdelegate, every pending state primary, every vote is the best thing America has had going for it in some time on the “global public diplomacy” front.

Deep Creek Weekend



(Title: Blue Lake; Photo credit: Crede Calhoun – VisionQuestStudios.com) I have been completely off-line since Friday afternoon — taking some time to visit a rental property I have in the Allegheny Mountains at Deep Creek Lake. I needed to get the place ready for spring and summer rentals.

Hard Choices for NATO: Expansion vs Commitments



(This was cross-posted at www.YoungAtlanticist.org. Sameer will be blogging live from Bucharest from April 2-4 during the NATO Summit.) Leading up to the NATO Summit in Bucharest, the op-ed pages have provided a transatlantic policymaker’s feast of competing proposals, warnings, and framings of the critical events facing the 59 year old military alliance.

When All is Said and Done, Clinton and Obama Remain Pentagon-Huggers



Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor of The Nation, has challenged Nation contributors Jeremy Scahill and Naomi Klein with misreading the tenor of the magazine’s endorsement of Obama. Her main point is that despite suggesting editorially that he is the best candidate, The Nation‘s endorsement is not full-throttled and highlights serious concerns about him.