O’Hanlon’s Brookings Benchmarks



I’m a “criteria guy.” We are going through a hiring process at the New America Foundation, and I am one of the folks who harps a lot about establishing criteria for decisions. But I think that these criteria should be obvious to all.

They Knew They Were Right: The Rise of the Liberal Interventionists?



Jacob Heilbrunn has ‘penned’ a fascinating, no punches pulled essay on Samantha Power’s resignation and her place in the foreign policy establishment. I don’t agree with all of it and am myself a Samantha Power fan who thinks that, more than most, she has the ability to think somewhat strategically about ethereal global justice problems….

Victim of Primary Tensions: Samantha Power Falls on Sword



I think that Samantha Power is one of the outstanding intellectuals of our time. She has struggled with the question of how nations should respond to the signs of genocidal trends and been one of the key points of conscience within our foreign policy community.