Senate Plane Grounded in Newfoundland — Would Not Start



This is a note from a good friend — unnamed — in the Senate regarding my earlier post about US Senators on their way to the Brussels Forum getting stuck in Newfoundland: Hey Steve, I just saw your post. I was on that broken-down plane, along with my boss Senator XXXXXXXX.

Brussels Forum Impresses



For the last two days, I have been deeply embedded in German Marshall Fund President Craig Kennedy’s “Brussels Forum“. In years previous, I have been to the World Economic Forum, the Clinton Global Initiative, Economist Intelligence Unit seminars, McKinsey sponsored meetings, and I generally like them all.

ON DAY ONE: “Multi-Nationalize the Fuel Cycle” and “Open Travel to Cuba”



One of the very coolest and most informative blogs I check in on a daily basis is published by my New America Foundation colleague Jeffrey Lewis. Both of us were asked by the Better World Campaign to offer comments for its “On Day One” initiative. He talked nukes, and I talked Cuba. . .

<em>The Washington Note</em> and <em>The Havana Note</em> Soon to Have More Cuban Readers



Cuban President Raul Castro has started his reforms — well, he did quite a while ago actually though few noticed. But the new news is that the Cuban government has removed restrictions on the sale of computers, DVDs, and video players inside Cuba. Old story first.

The Goings-On: Israel-Palestine, Brussels, Cuba



Today at 9:30 am, Former Israel Foreign Minister Schlomo Ben-Ami will be speaking about his work to encourage a Gaza ceasefire and then how to trigger moves in a positive direction for Israelis and Palestinians. He’ll be at the New America Foundation today in Washington, DC, and yours truly will be moderating the meeting.