BREAKING: Condi Rice Flirts With VP Possibility — Speaks to Grover Norquist’s Wednesday Group Meeting



Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is speaking this morning to Grover Norquist’s weekly powerhouse gathering at Americans for Tax Reform of conservative associations, think tanks, and political operations.

Climate Wars: What to Do With the New Set of “Climate Change Have-Nots”?



The Center for a New American Security is taking a novel approach to thinking about climate change. CNAS — and particularly its CEO Kurt Campbell — are leading a consortium of think tanks and philanthropies in a planned simulated war game exercise on the consequences of climate change.

Blogger Ethics Panel — New York



For those interested and nearby, the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs’ “Policy Innovations Group” will be hosting a panel discussion on blogger ethics on April 3rd in New York over lunch. They are calling it “Cyberethics: The Emerging Codes of Online Conduct” but I like the title “Blogger Ethics” better.

New $2 Million Ideas Fund: Competing to be a Soros “Ideas Entrepreneur” Fellowship



Barack Obama has said that “Washington is the place where good ideas go to die.” I have to agree with him in part that the ideas industry in Washington and the public policy field in general tends to be risk-averse and more comfortable with policy-retreading than policy-innovation.

Dead Armadillo Award Goes to Adam Posen



“Radical centrists” and dead armadillos have a lot in common. They are sometimes whacked in the middle of the road. In fact, my friend and New America Foundation co-founder Michael Lind originally proposed that New America choose a mascot of an “armadillo with a yellow stripe across it.

Obama Knows How to Perform, at Least Belatedly in Case of 2002 Speech



Ronald Reagan thought acting was great prep for the presidency. And recently, Ben Affleck told me that he saw some obvious similarities between DC and Hollywood while here shooting his next film, State of Play. But Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are taking “staging” to a new level.

McCain’s “Rogue State Rollback” Sounds Like John Foster Dulles & Curtis LeMay



My colleague and friend Anatol Lieven published a no-punches pulled critique of John McCain’s foreign policy and national security probabilities in the Financial Times today, titled “Why We Should Fear a McCain Presidency.” Lieven makes a point I did recently: McCain used to be considered “an old-style conservative realist.