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I had to laugh when I read this blog comment about my site redesign. I’m relieved that we are moving to a “new look” and owe a brilliant guy — named Andrew — a ton for making this come together.

There may be another step or two left. For instance, I really don’t like my pic up there and we are playing around with the possibility of a cartoon drawing. But thanks for your patience and support.
Thanks particularly to those of you who have been clicking the PayPal button to support The Washington Note. It makes a difference.
More later.
— Steve Clemons


21 comments on “Site Redesign

  1. Kathleen says:

    I miss the blue…I’ve been off in Bumf**ck, Nebraska and out of touch for a couple of weeks, so I thought something was wrong until I gathered my wits aqain, such as they are.
    This was my first time in a Red State…. I can do without that. I met 3 Demz in 2 weeks and one waited until no one could hear him admit it. One Repugnican Christian hairdresser couldn’t understand why we couldn’t just plunder Iraq’s oil, like the good old days of war plundering,,,, I swear. I had to leave before I shredded my tongue, biting it. Only another medical emergency will bring me back there.


  2. RonK, Seattle says:

    If one tweak is feasible, I’d like to see the author of each post identified in the header. In some instances it would establish context/continuity or help prioritize reading time.
    I’ve had some quirky outcomes with the submittal system, but assume those bumps will smooth out. Meanwhile, defensive posting protocol is in effect.


  3. Mr.Murder says:

    Futurama looks dated in comparison, Steve. You lead the way once more.


  4. Robert M. says:

    Obviously, I’m stuck with this format as a reader. I will continued to read and comment. Thanks so very much for just having the blog.
    But, I hate this presentation. Hate it. Your picture is worse than the other one, which didn’t look like you. This picture is all dressed up for a funeral.
    So I hate the front page.
    The integration of the comments with the article works nicely indeed. And looks OK.
    But the front page format, no.


  5. ConradH says:

    I like the new look except the date and time the original article was posted is not displayed. I really miss that feature from the old view. Steve, your picture on the front is not so bad. I would leave it up there. It helps people who don’t know you very well identify with you when you are on video.


  6. Tahoe Editor says:

    There seems to be a broad call for credit above the jump. I suggest immediately under the headline.
    The yearbook-photo-plus-PostIt graphic is temporary; original artwork is in the works.
    I’m experiencing about a 80% success rate on the “Captchas”; sometimes I enter the characters exactly as they are, yet the site disagrees and I’m forced to refresh and get a new Captcha.
    Worse, the site never “remembers my personal info for next time” — I’m forced to enter it each time.


  7. temoc94 says:

    I really like the site design, with one exception: the fact you can’t read an entire article on the homepage. Please get rid of this “more after the jump” nonsense.


  8. Angus says:

    It would be helpful to have the name of the article poster on the front page as well at the bottom of the article.


  9. davidmno says:

    Fallows ought to pay you rather than you having to ‘pass the plate around.’


  10. davidmno says:

    Steve, I will continue to read your site as you are among the best commentators we have going.
    HOWEVER, this reminds me of Peter Berger’s book “The Homeless Mind” wherein, in one of the essays he refers to the unfortunate American condition of the “tinkering mind.”
    People can’t leave well enough alone in this country. And please,other readers, no sophomoric comments about things ‘stagnating.’


  11. Jay C says:

    Well, let me post the contrarian viewpoint: while it’s a marginal improvement on the old site, the margin is pretty thin.
    Postives: the commments are better-constructed (and finally spam-proof).
    Negatives: overall look is too cluttered: the ads are too prominent, and the FP posts don’t separate well, visually.
    No author credit above the jump sucks (especially with your frequent guest-posters).
    The headers, IMO, look tacky – I agree that the “Post-It Note” element should go. Also: that photo of you at the top looks like a bad passport or yearbook photo – a handsome guy like you Steve deserves better.
    Also: no HTML in comments? Are we stuck with CAPITALIZATION for emphasis? Links?


  12. Matt says:

    FWIW, I agree that the new design is cleaner, but honestly I think it’s a little bland. I forget how the old site was exactly (I liked the blue though) but the “post-it note” as it currently appears seems too generic. Maybe it’s because it looks like someone has “typed” onto a post-it note, which seems out of place…anyhoo…


  13. FaceOnMars says:

    Nope. Looks like there’s no real email “verification” … in terms of having to check the address one has entered for an auto-reply containing a link to click on in order to “activate” the post.


  14. FaceOnMars says:

    I like the new interface as well.
    One suggestion would be to include a registration based commenting system. This is my first time post on the new system, so maybe the email verification will effectively work toward the same end; that being a rudimentary level of accountability.
    This sort of interaction is an excellent means of cross-polination of ideas; however, it is vulnerable to trollish (and outright abusive) behavior. Some form of accountability helps to preserve the integrity of any given discussion.


  15. tommy harper says:

    I gotta say that I don’t like having to click to read the full post either. FiredogLake was one of my favorite sites before they redesigned and now I find the site incredibly difficult to read easily.


  16. Tahoe Editor says:

    Clicking on a link to read the whole post doesn’t bother me, but clicking on a link to find out who WROTE the post kinda sux. Find a way to tag the writer’s name onto the abstract without having to follow the link.


  17. Robert Silvey says:

    A great new design, indeed, much easier to read and navigate.
    I do have one suggestion: It would be helpful to place, at the top of individual-post pages, links to the next and previous individual posts.


  18. tomj says:

    I like the redesign, and I agree that it is easier to post, but I’m just noticing that the domain name is not
    I’m seeing:
    Hopefully you will get this running under your own domain name, maybe the price is too high, but for such a high profile and high quality website (not just a blog), it is good to have it all under your domain.


  19. Chesire11 says:

    I like the new site, it’s much easier to post on it (you may regret that!). Under the old format, I tended to take too long writing my comments, then they would fail when I submitted them, then I couldn’t resubmit because the system required some amount of time to pass before I could resubmit.
    This is a much friendlier format for someone as hapless as me.


  20. Doug T says:

    I agree that it is a cleaner look and easier on the eyes. But I’m not happy with the trend to click on a link to read the whole post. I’d rather keep scrolling down and read it all in one place. But that is me.
    More important than the look of the blog is the high quality of the posts and nice mix of bloggers. Thanks.


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