Greetings readers. For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been a bit slower posting — and I just wanted to express my deep thanks to all of you to allow me the space to make some shifts in the way my professional life is organized. I’m really looking forward to joining the Atlantic Media team and have had to shape some other relationships in positive directions because of this next phase.
I’ve also been thinking through a number of big questions — President Obama’s next steps in foreign policy, what is working and what isn’t, how does the White House intermediate for the American public the uncertainties of the so-called Arab Spring? These are all things I’ve been thinking about — and don’t want to trivialize the seriousness of these questions with posts I haven’t thought through.
So, I’m back — and will have a lot up from this point forward. You’ll be seeing some changes as we integrated the site into The Atlantic — but I think it will be great.
More soon — and THANK YOU,
Steve Clemons


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