Deep Creek Weekend


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(Title: Blue Lake; Photo credit: Crede Calhoun –
I have been completely off-line since Friday afternoon — taking some time to visit a rental property I have in the Allegheny Mountains at Deep Creek Lake. I needed to get the place ready for spring and summer rentals. The house has killer views of the Lake here at the most Western part of the Maryland panhandle, and as of this weekend, there was still skiing and snowboarding going on at Wisp Ski Resort.
I’ve been enjoying the jacuzzi on the deck with no news and no tug-of-war between my friends between Hillary, Obama, and McCain — yes, I have McCain-fans in my club as well.
I wanted to give a shout out to the new Deep Creek Blog which I stumbled across through a flyer at Trader’s Coffee Shop (which has free wifi up here for those traveling through). For those who come up here a lot, The “Deep Creek Blog” seems to be up on the interesting stuff up here and in the Allegheny Mountain area.
I’m back to DC today. From April 6-13, I will be in Saudi Arabia in case any TWN readers want to meet up in Riyadh or Jeddah.
— Steve Clemons


6 comments on “Deep Creek Weekend

  1. Betsy Spiker says:

    Great picture of your lake house here at Deep Creek. Glad you enjoy our little bit of paradise. If you or any of your friends or family wish to learn about real estate opportunities in the area visit our website below:
    All the best,


  2. Mr.Murder says:

    So glad to see you enjoyed the weekend. Was pretty sick here, 500mg at a time I’m getting better.


  3. Greg P says:

    Spent a weekend up at Deep Creek Lake last summer, and probably will head up there again at some point this summer. Best part of the weekend was taking in the natural beauty of Swallow Falls, getting the urge to check email, and then realizing that my Blackberry was out of range… sort of nice to see that happen once in a while.
    Also, will be interested to see what you hear in Saudi Arabia, particularly about how they see the present state, and future, of US-Saudi relations. I’m planning a trip over there myself for the first week in May — mainly to discuss the energy sector, but also am interested in how they see the US, and how they would respond to a relative decline in US influence in the region.


  4. PissedOffAmerican says:

    You haven’t missed much, Steve. The last four days has seen an invasion of the Sean Hannity wannabes here.
    The post above this one is fairly indicative of the tone, particularly on the two Rice threads. It interests me that the RW blogs, as well as the RW commenters, always seem to see problems of state and government in partisan terms, whereas the more “liberal”, or left leaning blogs seem to be more prone to distribute the blame, and the praise, in a more bi-partisan perspective. I am not saying “Citizen”‘s post is RW, heck, he could be an Obama elf for all I know, (prob’ly is) but the “tone” of his post would certainly be right at home on that insipid jackass Tabor’s “The Conservative Voice”, or any number of other so called “Conservative” blogs.
    Rarely here do I see the terms “liberal” of “conservative” used for their wedge value. But if you read through the two Rice threads, you see a common usage of the word “liberal” as a point of derision, yet very little substantive content that actually addresses Rice’s qualifications, past history, or alleged
    It would be a real shame to see this blog Hannitized. I hope their visit is brief.


  5. citizen says:

    1. maybe you could rent it to HRC, careful she doesnt pay her bills….
    2. hopefully your foreign policy posts are based in fact, not starry eyed mathematical impossibilitites.
    3. Why do you ACTIVELY support the clintons support of the “southern strategy”? please educate yourself at wikpedia, unless you already have, then please overtly embrace race baiting small minded bigotry, you all ready have crossed the tacit threshold….
    4. if richardson is judas, than bill is jona because he was swallowed by a whale.
    5. I have added the sill statements b/c your lack of courage in the face of hatred makes me question what self serving agenda you are pushing.


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