Deep Creek Weekend


deep creek lake twn.jpg
(Title: Blue Lake; Photo credit: Crede Calhoun –
I have been completely off-line since Friday afternoon — taking some time to visit a rental property I have in the Allegheny Mountains at Deep Creek Lake. I needed to get the place ready for spring and summer rentals. The house has killer views of the Lake here at the most Western part of the Maryland panhandle, and as of this weekend, there was still skiing and snowboarding going on at Wisp Ski Resort.
I’ve been enjoying the jacuzzi on the deck with no news and no tug-of-war between my friends between Hillary, Obama, and McCain — yes, I have McCain-fans in my club as well.
I wanted to give a shout out to the new Deep Creek Blog which I stumbled across through a flyer at Trader’s Coffee Shop (which has free wifi up here for those traveling through). For those who come up here a lot, The “Deep Creek Blog” seems to be up on the interesting stuff up here and in the Allegheny Mountain area.
I’m back to DC today. From April 6-13, I will be in Saudi Arabia in case any TWN readers want to meet up in Riyadh or Jeddah.
— Steve Clemons


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