<em>Reporting from the UN</em>: Ahmadinejad Steals the Show



(Photo of people at the UN watching Ahmadinejad’s speech) When UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon kicked off the special session on climate change in the hopes of capturing the news cycle to build political momentum toward the December UNFCCC meeting in Bali.

<em>Reporting from the UN</em>: Schwarzenegger Steps Up, Moves Beyond Kyoto



The recent Pew Global Attitudes Project survey, which revealed both a deficit in US leadership as well as a growing international concern over the global environment, afforded the US a unique opportunity to address both for the price of one.

TWN hits the UN for Climate Change Session



Today in New York UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon has convened a historic special session with more than 70 heads of state in attendance to solely discuss and focus on the issue of perhaps the largest global challenge and collective action problem we face today — the issue of climate change.

Mitt Romney’s Silence on Blackwater



Just caught this. Politico‘s Kenneth Vogel suggests that Mitt Romney’s silence about the Blackwater killings in Iraq may have something to do with the fact that: The top counterterrorism and national security adviser to Romney’s presidential campaign is Cofer Black, vice chairman of Blackwater USA.

Hillary Clinton’s Health Care Diva



(Laurie Rubiner, Legislative Director in the Office of Senator Hillary Clinton) Hillary’s foreign policy team has some of the mega-stars in the national security business. She has Madeleine Albright, Richard Holbrooke, Sandy Berger, Wesley Clark, William Perry, and a good number of their acolytes — but her counselors are about as top-heavy as George W….

Casey, Murkowski Endorse a “Comprehensive Diplomatic Offensive” — Now for the Next Step



Last weekend, Henry Kissinger wrote a syndicated op-ed defending the President’s position in Iraq but qualified with a critical point: The second and ultimately decisive route to overcoming the Iraqi crisis is through international diplomacy. Today the United States is bearing the major burden for regional security militarily, politically and economically.