Coffee in Westwood


For those TWN readers in the area — and I just met two — I will be at the Starbucks in Westwood, California for the next few hours.
It’s a great, sunny day here. Jodie Foster’s The Brave One is playing at one of Westwood’s posh old line movie houses next door. But I’m sitting here watching Ahmadinejad’s speech at Columbia University.
And for those interested in an interesting panel discussion on “Foreign Policy after the Bush Administration“, I’ll be at the Hammer Museum tomorrow evening (Tuesday) at 7 pm. It’s open to the public.
— Steve Clemons


One comment on “Coffee in Westwood

  1. Marcia says:

    Ian Masters’s “Background Briefing” was, as usual and if anything, even more interesting than it generally is; he spoke several times about the Hammer Museum Tuesday discussion.
    Will there be a video on the net? I hope so.


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