Beyond Rangoon: Stories Beneath the Surface of Myanmar Reporting



As all eyes turn to Myanmar with brutal crackdowns by the military junta (including reports of a Japanese reporter murdered and school children being fired upon), international condemnations, speculation of a “saffron revolution,” and China caught between a policy of noninterference and brutal crackdown on its borders that could turn into a public relations disaster,…

Lugar Calls Out Right-Wing Hypocrites



Some of the leading opponents of the Law of the Sea, ironically, feel very strongly that we should trust the judgments of military personnel on military matters. Jim Inhofe: “I don’t think it’s too much to expect for our leaders in Washington to keep an open mind and get the facts before drawing their conclusions….

Dan Rather’s Worthy Crusade



I’m not in a place to judge the veracity of Dan Rather’s reporting on Bush’s National Guard service, but as usual, Sidney Blumenthal has done an extraordinary job sequencing the bits and pieces of the Rather CBS story and suggests that Rather’s $70 million lawsuit against CBS will animate some much needed truth-telling about Bush’s…

Real Quick on Chris Dodd



A lot of folks out there think I’m a sucker for good email notes — or very effective, personalized fundraising appeals like Hillary Clinton’s invitation to all of us (including me) to possibly have lunch with her, after she picked up the groceries and with her husband dropping by to say hello.

Buying Out Thugs – A View In Retrospect



Juan Cole has picked up stories from Reuters and Harpers on a transcript of President Bush’s conversation with Spanish President Aznar that confirms that he had no intention of seriously pursuing UN Security Council support and was exceedingly optimistic over the outcomes of Iraq.

Beyond the Bleak Binary Choice Revisited: Countering a Nuclear-Armed Iran with Dr. Gary Samore



Note the correction — the event will be from 3:00pm-4:30pm If you are near Dupont Circle on Thursday afternoon, you should drop by the New America Foundation to hear Council on Foreign Relations Vice President and Director of Studies, Dr. Gary Samore, in an event hosted by Dr.