Real Quick on Chris Dodd


A lot of folks out there think I’m a sucker for good email notes — or very effective, personalized fundraising appeals like Hillary Clinton’s invitation to all of us (including me) to possibly have lunch with her, after she picked up the groceries and with her husband dropping by to say hello.
But I really liked this note from Chris Dodd — received just a few moments ago while I’m up covering the Clinton Global Initiative in New York.
Senator Dodd writes:

Subject: Real Quick
From: Chris Dodd []
To: Steve Clemons []

I only have a few seconds on my way back to Washington from last night’s debate.
The fundraising quarter is wrapping up and we’re just short of hitting our goal. Will you chip in $23 and put us over the top? You can contribute here:

I’ll be in touch soon.

I really like Dodd’s take on foreign policy and national security issues. He continues to set a high mark in his comments on the Middle East, on Cuba, on Iran, and just a general modern, 21st century approach to thinking about the tough challenges ahead. Listening to Dodd last night reminded me of Chuck Hagel’s foreign policy views.
In any case, I may be a sucker for fundraising notes — but this is another one I liked.
More later.
— Steve Clemons


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