Micro-Finance in a Keystroke



The first question former President Clinton posed Afghan President Hamid Karzai was one of investment in Afghanistan. While the two touted the foreign investment starting to enter the country, Clinton suggested that everyone could contribute to average Afghans trying to make a living through Kiva.org — an online microfinance network like lendingtree.

John Bellinger’s Hat is White — David Addington’s is Soulless Black



In the internal White House battles over the Geneva conventions, enemy combatant policies, extraordinary rendition, and torture — which have been viciously waged between various Bush administration officials against other colleagues in the same White House — there are a few heroes who fought the “darkness at noon” solutions advocated by Vice President Cheney’s team….

Ahmadinejad Doesn’t Matter: Figuring Out What is Real on Iran



I’m so worried about this country and the world in general. I know many of you are as well, and I’m sure than many have felt like I do now in the past. I’ve always been fascinated by the authors of the “lost generation” like Thomas Wolfe.