America is Debating Tactics, Not Strategy



My New America Foundation colleague Michael Lind and author of The American Way of Strategy has just penned a thoughtful op-ed that gets right at the nugget of what Senator Lugar was pushing in his opening statement at the Crocker/Petraeus Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearings.

The War As We Saw It. . . Two Soldier Op-ed Writers Killed



. . .is now very much in the past tense for two US soldiers, now dead, who helped pen an important August 19th New York Times op-ed, “The War As We Saw It,” authored by seven soldiers in Iraq. FireDogLake has more. Petraeus called these soldiers the new “Greatest Generation.

Hagel Confirms No 3rd Senate Term — Has 16 Months to Channel Eisenhower



(painting of President Dwight Eisenhower by Mike Hagel; hanging in Senator Chuck Hagel’s private Senate office) Before he departs the Senate 16 months from now, Senator Chuck Hagel will have many opportunities to focus a national spotlight on the gaps in the foreign policy and national security course the country is on.

Ever Heard of the Cuban 5? When We Look Like the Bad Guys. . .



(Civil rights attorney Leonard Weinglass) All I’d need to write here is Guantanamo or Abu Ghraib or Haditha to make the case that America has lost its moral credibility in much of the world. It’s tough to make a case against other thugs in the world when we deploy unaccountable thuggery of our own.