<em>The Forward </em> Responds



J.J. Goldberg, Editor-in-Chief of The Forward, says I misinterpreted the editorial he wrote on Israel, the American Jewish community, and the Armenian genocide in my post last week. The writers and editors at The Forward are a very bright and thoughtful bunch, and I value their contributions to the public debate highly.

Senator Hagel: Don’t Quit Now



In mid-August, I was flying off to participate in the Australian-American Leadership Dialogue. I was catching an 8 am flight at Dulles Airport and for whatever reason was being escorted to the front of some very long security lines and was given the red carpet treatment by TSA. I have no idea why.



Jon Corzine ended up being the butt of a couple of jokes today at the ground-breaking event for the new Giants and Jets football stadium.

Corrupting the Military: Petraeus as Bush’s Political Spear-Carrier



Given the complicity between the Executive branch and the military industrial complex in feeding at the trough of the treasury, I’m not sure that there has ever been much “objectivity of voice” among the military leadership — but perhaps the myth itself was useful.

Michael Grace (& Kos) Prevail over Mary Bono in FEC Complaint Against Political Blogs



This seems important, constructive and unusually non-partisan: The Federal Election Commission announced today that it has unanimously resolved two complaints alleging that Internet blog activity is subject to Commission regulation, finding that the activity is exempt from regulation under the media or volunteer exemption.