So Much for the Pretense of Iraqi Sovereignty


Iraq throws out Blackwater. America keeps employing them and has Blackwater stay.
Someone in the White House press corps be sure to ask Bush about that “Rule of Law” thing. (I know. . .Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, Haditha, illegal wiretaps. . .).
I’m in Denver now — flying to Los Angeles. I look forward to seeing TWN readers interested in “Foreign Policy after the Bush Administration,” at the UCLA Hammer Museum on Tuesday at 7 pm. (and yes, despite my picture and bio not being listed there with John Judis, Ian Masters, Christopher O’Sullivan, and John Brady Kiesling — I’m supposedly on the program)

— Steve Clemons


14 comments on “So Much for the Pretense of Iraqi Sovereignty

  1. eCAHNomics says:

    What’s the point of having a puppet if it doesn’t do what you want?


  2. Kathleen says:

    Germans maybe because the Brittish monarchy is German, and they are Protestants, but Jews, Catholics, in the Klan, I doubt it. For that matter the Klan was originally formed to protest Roman Catholics, not blacks. That’s why they wear robes and burn crosses. All racists may be the same, but by definition, they’ll want to hang with their own kind.


  3. Carroll says:

    Posted by Kathleen at September 22, 2007 09:55 AM
    Actually anyone can be in the KKK or SS or CCC, Jews, WASP’s, Germans.
    All racist are the same.


  4. Kathleen says:

    POA… I agree about the narry a mention about Blackwater in New Orleans. They made it seem like the residents were interfering with the “aid” being brought to them.
    Why bother with the water wings??? The Dershoshits can go to the sink or swim school of hard knocks, for all I care.


  5. PissedOffAmerican says:

    This fuckin’ Dershowitz ought to be frog marched to the beach, shackled to OJ Simpson, and handed a set of water wings, a compass, and a map to Israel.


  6. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Amazing. Blackwater’s role in Iraq raises some hackles, but the fact these hired guns, (many from foreign nations), were prowling the streets of New Orleans, carrying weapons that citizens are banned from owning, while the legal firearms of American citizens were confinscated, merits nary a mention.
    Ho hum, mercenaries, armed with automatic weapons, under contract to the Feds, policing one of our cities. No big deal, nothing to see here, move on folks….


  7. Kathleen says:

    Dershewitz can’t be Grand WhizzWhatisis of the Klan for the same reason a Jew can’t be President. Not that he couldn’t do the job, but he belongs to the wrong country club. Only WASPS need apply.
    Incidentally, the Roman Army brought aqueducts and irrigation to the desert. Blackwater has people drinikng sewage.
    And there were some good Germans, but they were the first to go. See you in some Halliburton built camp.


  8. Kathleen says:

    Steve, what makes you think there will be an “after Bush Presidency”? True, he might change the name of his office, but he’ll never let go of his power, even if it means cooking up another 9/11. What was the point of sneaking all that fine print into the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, and all the warrantless wiretapping, if they didn’t plan to use it? His life goal is to be a dictator, jailing all who challenge his D minus mentality.


  9. Carroll says:

    I humbly suggest the wonkers and “very serious people” as Greenwald calls them should wonk about the real facts of the so called Iran threat “to the world” before they go to discussing the pro and cons of bombing said non existant threat to the “world”.
    From Col. Lang
    Iran- Whose “existential” threat?
    This is the estimated range “fan” for the Iranian Shihab – 3 missile. pl
    “The scale of the US miscalculation is striking. Before the Iraq war began, its neo-conservative architects argued that conferring power on Iraq’s Shi’ites would serve to undermine Iran because Iraq’s Shi’ites, controlling the faith’s two holiest cities, would, in the words of then deputy defense secretary Paul Wolfowitz, be “an independent source of authority for the Shi’ite religion emerging in a country that is democratic and pro-Western”. Further, they argued, Iran could never dominate Iraq, because the Iraqi Shi’ites are Arabs and the Iranian Shi’ites Persian. It was a theory that, unfortunately, had no connection to reality.
    Iran’s bond with the Iraqi Shi’ites goes far beyond the support Iran gave Shi’ite leaders in their struggle with Saddam. Decades of oppression have made their religious identity more important to Iraqi Shi’ites than their Arab ethnic identity. (Also, many Iraqi Shi’ites have Turkoman, Persian or Kurdish ancestors.) While Sunnis identify with the Arab world, Iraqi Shi’ites identify with the Shi’ite world, and for many this means Iran.” Peer Galbraith
    Galbraith’s article on Iran was originally published in the New York Review of Books and then here in the Asia Times. It is so important that it is worth reproducing here for discussion.
    There is much that could be argued with in the aricle, but, in the main it seems to capture the situation well.
    IMO, the US has refused to accept the idea of sharing power in the Middle East with the Iranians. That lies at the heart of our problem with them. All other issues are more symptom than anything else. As Galbraith observes we have ignored efforts on their part to draw us into a serious discussion of what are really bi-lateral issues.
    We talk about Iran being a strategic threat (life-threatening to the nation) to the United States. This is nonsense. Unless the Shihab series of guided missile developments results in an ICBM with a six-thousand mile range fitted with warheads of city destroying yields, Iran will never be an existential threat to the US.
    If it were not for the undeniable fact that an Iran equipped with their present Shihab 3 and nuclear warheads would be an existential threat to Israel, our concern over their future nuclear weapons would be no greater than our present concern over Pakistan’s weapons. pl


  10. Carroll says:

    Blackwater, our new Roman army.


  11. Carroll says:

    More pots calling kettle black……….
    “Presidential candidates are taking a hard line against Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.”
    Protest, calls for arrest
    to greet Iran’s leader in N.Y.
    By Ben Harris
    Israel and its allies say they want Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad arrested when he arrives next week in New York for the United Nations General Assembly.
    On Monday, a team of lawyers and diplomats who want Ahmadinejad tried for inciting genocide will call on the U.S. Department of Justice to arrest the Iranian president when he lands on American soil. The call comes as Jewish groups are preparing for a full-court press on the Iran issue in meetings planned with world leaders gathered for the yearly assembly. Also on Monday, a protest rally is planned across from U.N. Headquarters.
    “He is an international war criminal,” said Harvard Law School Professor Alan Dershowitz. “He has repeatedly violated the anti-geno … Full Story
    Dershowitz…the grand dragon of the new KKK in Amurkia.


  12. JonU says:

    Mercenaries guarding our government instead of our own military.
    Privasitation of military services will lead to long-term disaster.


  13. FaceOnMars says:

    I often kind of wonder what the limits are with respect to people who hold on tightly to specific constructs, yet receive a steady stream of information to the contrary? How long will it take for those who still support the “war” to realize the administration has its own agenda (which hasn’t been fully disclosed). I use quotes around war since I believe we’re essentially referees in a game which has a stacked rulebook to achieve an outcome in congruence of the administration’s agenda; Blackwater is only but one example of such. I still wonder why we haven’t tried to involve more players in the international or regional community? I can’t escape the possibility the admin. just doesn’t want too many hands in the cookie jar!


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